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Remote Frontend Engineer (Senior) hired by Rolla

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$50k - $100k

About us

You’ll be joining the Rolla team, a collection of tenacious and fun individuals spread across various locations working towards building a decentralized financial future. As part of this group, you will have access to not only technical talent but also designers who want their products ready for the market to give people real control over how they spend money!

You'll be able to work with some of the most innovative minds in cryptocurrencies and finance, as we're backed by top investors from around the world. At Rolla, you can learn about how this technology will change everything!

With Defi options trading on Rolla, you can trade for free with no hidden fees in a permissionless web and mobile app. We are blurring the line between regular finance and Decentralized Finance starting by making it easy!


As a remote Defi Frontend Engineer You'll work with designers and backend engineers to implement new features. You need the right skillsets in place for this task, which is why you would be working closely as a team member who will optimize fast-paced experiences across all channels from your home base office near Rolla's downtown area!


  • We are looking for someone with 3 years of React experience to lead our team.
  • You need to have prior work in user-facing applications that involve component libraries or design teams, as well as Build modern client-side application architectures from scratch
  • A deep understanding of modern client-side applications' architecture is critical if you want to be a success in this role.
  • You should bring the experience of how React has evolved and what we need now more than ever are people skilled in user interfaces who can translate those designs into reality!

Bonus Requirements

  • You need to be familiar with the web3 frontend stack and have experience working in TypeScript.
  • You'll also get bonus points if you can think critically, use design thinking skills for problem-solving at every step of your workday (or night)
  • know how blockchain technology will change our lives positively or negatively based on which side we're standing on now--deftly navigating between


  • You will work with a small, remote team to build something people want.
  • You can get an early share in Rolla's future token and participate in the upcoming DAO!
  • Flexible work hours, location with some team members in Asia... World Class investors? Yes, please!
  • This is all thanks to the top VC's and you'll have access to experts from every corner of crypto.