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Remote Frontend Engineer (Senior) hired by DailyKos

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$120k - $170k

About us

Your career in front-end software engineering is what's hot right now! You'll be exposed to cutting-edge technology and given complete autonomy over projects. Your task will involve designing innovative solutions for clients while collaborating with other members of the team on architectural decisions that affect their success all from a position working directly under our CIO.

We're a passionate team of developers and designers who are dedicated to making the web better. We build blogs, activism tools, API clients - anything you can think about! Our code is powered by modern technologies like React/Redux or Rails + Sidekiq for high scalability needs; SASS allows us to keep styles fast while being more maintainable with CSS modularity.

We have an energized group of people from various backgrounds working together on this project: if you want challenging work that's not just technical but also includes creativity in other fields then come join us at Daily Kos!

At Daily Kos, we want you to feel like part of something bigger than yourself. Our community is dedicated and passionate about the work that they do every day on our site and it shows!

We have a lot going for us here: from making sure people are engaged with content before it goes up (so as not just see an ad) all way through polling them after reading some news stories or comments giving employees opportunities every step along their career path so no matter what level employee becomes involved in politics there will still be something new waiting at each turn


  • Interested in a career with the latest tools and technologies? This position demands an understanding of all things related to Linux, including Ruby on Rails.
  • Not only should you have some knowledge about MySQL or pgSQL databases but also AWS Varnish & Redis would be helpful too!
  • Are you a web developer looking for your next big project? Are JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3 knowledge not enough to get the job done.
  • Do mobile applications interest you as well with their ever-changing requirements that keep up with all our tech updates!


  • You'll be an evangelist for your team, clearly communicating and showcasing technical issues.
  • You will also work to improve the company's objectives within each department as well as design future software that is scalable with ease of use in mind!
  • You will be able to find and fix difficult code, no matter where it is. You'll make a difference with your hard work!
  • You'll partner with coworkers across the organization to scope, design, and deliver solutions for large complex challenges in the Daily Kos platform.
  • You will collaborate on high-quality product releases that are suitable timeframes depending upon your skillset as an individual contributor or team member
  • You also have a part in architectural planning and implementation by communicating technical vision effectively


We are looking for a Staff Engineer to help us design and develop our product. This is an excellent opportunity to work from home or remotely, in the comfort of your own time! You'll have access to benefits such as a competitive salary with full medical insurance coverage including dental plans too!

The world is a diverse place, and at Daily Kos, our employees are too. Our team members come from different backgrounds with unique perspectives on issues that can help us all be more informed in this confusing time for America's democracy! We're excited to work alongside people who bring their own experiences into everything they do here - because without it being an inclusive workplace where everyone feels welcome