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Remote Front End Engineer (Senior) hired by Radix

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$70k - $120k


There are many tools out there to build a successful platform, but it's the experiences you present your users with that will define their experience. Radix is looking for someone who can bring UX design expertise to create Defi-centric user interfaces that excite people about this new frontier of finance!

Defi has turned out to be the killer app that is taking public distributed ledgers from niche products for speculators and hobbyists. With it comes a new paradigm of user interfaces, as authentication models change with each passing day; at Radix you’ll have an opportunity not just to define how things go forward but also work on projects dealing with globally significant topics like money itself!

Working from a series of end-to-end user scenarios, you will be in charge of wireframing delightful and captivating experiences. Pitch your design to an amazing team who care deeply for the outcome! Then work closely with artists & UI experts before delivering consumable interfaces using appropriate fonts/colors/iconography; finally, move on to implementation by working alone or collaborating heavily depending on what needs doing at any given time.

The front-end of the website is where you will spend most of your time, but don't worry! You'll also get to implement the necessary services for a fully functioning site.

We're looking for a remote Front End Engineer

You’re able to isolate the 90% case for user experiences. You don't get wedded to your ideas, rather than making anything possible and focusing on what is most common in terms of interactions: making it simple! When discussing new capabilities or products with others who may use them (whether they're coworkers or customers), there's never any hesitation - because you know how much attention has been given toward designing each feature; which means less time spent having back-and-forth conversations trying figure out if this idea works like we thought it would.

You have a fearless approach to problem-solving and you’re not one for following the status quo. You believe in always exploring new avenues of thinking which makes it easy for your brain cells to retain information from different sources, making learning something completely unrelated effortless! We need someone like this on our team because every project requires us, innovators who don't get stuck when things aren’t going right or working out as planned - they find innovative solutions by perusing all available resources at their disposal (which is why adaptability matters).

What do you need?

  1. Fluent in TypeScript
  2. Fluent with React or Vue
  3. Comfortable with Java or C#
  4. 4+ years as a software engineer
  5. Fluent in JavaScript

Who are we?

The future of finance is here! The Radix revolution has arrived. We're a team of like-minded thinkers who have long been convinced that we've entered into the earliest stages for global financial innovation, fueled by decentralized technologies and enabled through Defi - short for "decentralized finance." This new form can be seen in all sorts of areas including payments systems, insurance products...even trading algorithms on traditional markets without requiring central authorities or siloed infrastructures to support them

It's safe to say that by now everyone knows what blockchain technology does; however I am going to take a pregnant pause before you read ahead you don't need any more information than necessary.

Defi is taking crypto-aware investors by storm. With assets under management growing from $1Billion to 40+ in just one year, Deft has captured an impressive foothold within this niche market while being unable to even account for more than 1/100th of total finance monies on earth--a tiny fraction that could be its ticket into trillion-dollar territory!

Radix is building the Defi infrastructure of tomorrow, starting with our layer-one protocol. It's been designed from first principles for mainstream use and has already processed over 1 million transactions per second in trials! Our aim isn't just scalability - it's something more fundamental: Radix's goal is mass adoption. And that means providing people access to financial services without intermediaries or boundaries between them; all powered by blockchains like Ethereum with RadX at its core—a better way forward in commerce gone too far?