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Remote Front End Engineer (Senior) hired by MetaStreet

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$60k - $100k

About MetaStreet

MetaStreet is a protocol that provides liquidity for non-fungible tokens, abstracting risk away from individual assets. The idea behind Meta Street's system lies in utilizing financial constructs to expand emerging economies of the Metaverse and other New Virtual Spaces (NVS).

MetaStreet is a young, ambitious, and technically skilled team with the goal of pioneering metaverse finance. Joining Meta Street means joining an innovative project that operates on cutting-edge DeFi principles by embracing web3 technologies to facilitate financial transactions in new ways for our users!

Your Responsibilities

As a remote Front End Engineer of MetaStreet you will be working with our designers and backend engineers to implement new features.

You'll own the entire user experience, from clicking on a button until they are done browsing our site! Your voice in chat must stay professional at all times so please tone it down when not broadcasting through an audio channel.

This includes social media channels since there may be some sensitive information being shared between team members online (although let’s try to avoid doing work-related stuff during office hours).


  • You need to have a deep understanding of the architecture and design patterns in modern client-side React applications.
  • You also should be able to learn how different components work together as part of an entire application, rather than just individual ones!
  • Web3 front-end stack is a must for those looking to have familiarity with the Web3 protocol.
  • Experience using TypeScript in React, as well as DeFi protocols, would also be beneficial but not required skills if interested!

Why MetaStreet?

MetaStreet is a team of passionate, innovative individuals who are building the future. We don't care what you do as long as your work helps us achieve our goals and be successful in this venture together!

Meta Street has equity-like upside for its employees through strong partnerships with major players up and down the stack including prominent access to capital which ensures that every employee will have their voice heard throughout all stages.