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Remote Front End Developer / Tailwind React / B2B Platform (Senior) hired by Dotsub

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$70k - $100k

About You

React and Tailwind CSS experienced remote candidates are the perfect match for our team. We need someone with UI design skills, who can start by replacing our current front-end framework with components written in React - then continue working on refactoring existing code when needed! The ideal applicant will have significant experience using modern methods of styling websites as well as being passionate about creating accessible apps that work across multiple devices/continents.

You'll need to be a fast learner, with experience in building complex front-end React apps. You will help us replace our existing framework and then work on code as new features are built or old components need refactoring! Your skills should include strong knowledge of modern CSS methodologies & patterns so you can understand what's going on inside an application when we make changes here at. In addition, your design aesthetic must align well with ours since this is not just about making things look pretty but also feeling good - y'all know I don't suffer ugly UIs gladly 😉

Who we are

Dotsub is changing the game by providing a unique video captioning and translation management tool that allows clients to organize their in-house linguists, create customized workflows with AI automation for some aspects of the process, or just buy localization services.

About you

  • You are a true expert when it comes to implementing the right user interface. Your creativity knows no bounds, and your insight is unparalleled in our industry!
  • You speak React and Typescript with fluency. You also have excellent design skills that will make your experience as a developer even more enjoyable!
  • You're a CSS framework guru and it shows. Your work with Tailwind is proof that you know how to create enterprise-grade web apps without sacrificing user experience or site performance!

No matter where you are or what time zone your in, as long as it's within the US Eastern period of work days we can help make things happen!