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Remote Front-End Developer (Senior) hired by Channable

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$40k - $100k

About You

Our development team is a busy, energetic bunch. We have our hands in every aspect of the process from infrastructure to product and everything between! If you're looking for more information on what we do then check out this blog article: https://tech.channable .com/ or take some time to explore our open source work at Github- it'll give you an inside view into how all three departments come together while working side by side.

You as our new remote front-end developer are responsible for building an intuitive application that our customers use to automate their digital marketing.

You'll collaborate with Channels and developers on the team as we work together, learning all about what goes into making a web app like this one possible!

Are you looking for a part-time job or full-time? We have positions available.

Do your visa qualifications allow it, but the Netherlands is home! Contact us now so we can talk about what's best suited to help make this move as easy on everyone involved

You will be working with JavaScript, React, and JSX to prototype new features based on customer feedback. You'll also get the chance to roll out your prototypes together with other members of our product team - all while learning how we improve ourselves by migrating every bit of code into TypeScript or using the latest functionalities in language-level tools like ES6!

What do we offer?

  • We offer a Career structure with clearly defined levels and steps that emphasize the importance of personal development.
  • The informal atmosphere within our international, young team means you can get ahead more easily by learning from someone who has been through what you're going through now - because they've already made it past those challenges themselves!
  • Working in an awesome, new office is almost as good as eating lunch at our on-site Channabar every day. We have everything you need to keep your energy level up and stay healthy: Playstation consoles for extra gaming sessions after work or afternoon dips into Netflix when there's nothing else going on!
  • If it's Friday night then head over to one of Utrecht’s most popular watering holes

We are looking for:

  • You are a team player with an eye for new technology. You have the experience and skills to take on any web development task from scratch, or improve our existing frontend-end codebase by applying your expertise in modern technologies like ReactJS/Vue JS2FAOTYPE - if that's not enough then don't worry because this position also offers plenty opportunity!
  • You have high standards when it comes to code quality and user experience.
  • You're excited about building a modern web-based JavaScript application that provides solutions aimed at customers or your teams with the most impactful features, all done in no time!

In more technical terms you’ll be working on:

  • You'll be working with our application and website. We're building new features for over 6000 customers, in addition to the React-based main site!
  • You're redesigning our main application from Ember.js to new and improved React with TypeScript, a styled system, and tests!

Our tech stack

  • TypeScript, JSX
  • Node, Yarn
  • React, React Query, Stitches, Jest