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Remote Founding Frontend Developer (Senior) hired by Biteline

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$80k - $110k

About us

Biteline is a community for local dental professionals to find temporary positions and advance their careers. The platform makes hiring fast, safe, easy with its peer-to-peer connection network that connects you directly to your next job opportunity!

As we grow, the opportunities for user engagement are only increasing. We have robust networking features so that members can find other like-minded peers to collaborate with in their area of interest or trade skills they may be knowledgeable about. Events provide an excellent opportunity for people who are not always online during business hours occasion because it gives them access when it would otherwise not be possible without being connected through these platforms! Finally, there’s a buy/sell marketplace where you can haggle prices down even more than usual just by comparing offers between buyers and sellers

Dental offices across America are struggling to find enough staff. A single dental office wastes over $25K on hiring annually! This amounts to an incredible wastefulness problem in the billion-dollar industry itself - where businesses and healthcare providers can't seem to get both full or part-time professionals as well as temporary help every now again due for various reasons such as emergencies or vacations which leaves them needing even more workers than before just at random times of need.

About Your role as a remote Founding Frontend Developer

Ready for the Front End? If you are, then we have just what your current needs need. Join our team of developers and help us grow!

We're excited to announce that after closing out some recent angel financing round last week, now is an excellent time as any in order broaden systemic reach with this new opportunity - would be an ideal candidate should act fast though because they may not always get another chance at something like it again so if interested hit them up right away before someone takes all places already filled

Do you want to work at an early stage startup? Do your hobbies include creativity, challenges and new opportunities every day. We are looking for software engineers with 10+ years of experience or recent college grads that believe in the vision of our company.


  • You will take feedback from focus groups, 1:1 user interviews, and product surveys to create features that directly impact the end-users.
  • As the CTO's right hand, you are in charge of translating these comments into something useful. You work closely with him on product direction and architectural decisions as well as technical issues that may arise during implementation
  • You will use your technical skills to build out new screens and features per the product roadmap, then fix bugs by identifying root causes in order to improve code quality.


We are dedicated to building a world-class engineering team at Biteline. We will provide you with the tools, resources, and opportunities needed for your success as well as continuous learning so that each member can grow into their full potential here on this project

We value continuously sharing knowledge throughout the organization which embodies our belief in collaborating towards one goal - creating innovative products of top quality while being held high standards both internally among employees but also externally when delivering work products through customer expectation

We hire developers who want to make an impact. We believe in hiring a small team of trusted people, giving them ownership and responsibility for their work - this means no more than 10 years of experience with one framework! What you know now matters much less when it comes down to what we need: knowledge about engineering fundamentals (fundamental theorem? algorithms?), learning on the job through mistakes & successes alike; a hard-working startup attitude towards deadlines even if they're not yours or anyone else's.

We separate concerns by building microservices instead focusing solely around frameworks like React JS etc. because these smaller pieces can be easily tested individually without having

We are dedicated to building a world-class engineering team at Biteline. We value continuous learning and perfecting our craft, sharing knowledge, and holding ourselves and each other to the highest possible standards. You will grow as a developer and be proud of your work here, and be proud to be a part of this team.

Required Qualifications

  • 2-8+ years professional experience in front-end web development
  • Ionic/Capacitor experience (or desire to learn)
  • Experience with responsive web/mobile UI
  • Knowledge of UI/UX design
  • Bachelor's degree or better in Computer Science
  • Angular 2+ experience (or desire to learn)

Tech Stack

We use a framework that has been developed by our team to make it easier for us and developers all over the world. This allows different teams of people with varying skill sets, backgrounds, or ideas can work together without having any disagreement on how something should be done because they're using one codebase made up of both backends as well as front-end technologies such AngularJS/ typescript (used solely in coding).

We also deploy these apps onto Android & iOS devices through AWS Auto Releases which means you don't have anything else besides setting up an account if those aren’t already set when creating your profile during onboarding