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Remote Engineer for Backend (Senior) hired by Drops Inc.

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$60k - $100k

About us:

Drops is a small company that has been featured by TechCrunch, FastCo, and many more. We are spread across Europe achieving great things the remote way! In December 2020 we were acquired by Kahoot!, which produces games for learning platforms like Drops

In October 2017 I met Tien Hoang from Singapore during our time at Facebook where he worked on Messenger bots before moving onto DropBox's Developer Platform team as Head of Product Management - this lead us down some interesting paths such as working together again last year when he joined my board back then (and now). However, what caught me off guard was discovering how much passion &

Drops is a fun and effective way to learn vocabulary. With 43 languages across 30 million users, Drops has been the #1 app for language learning on iOS since it launched 4 years ago!

Our goal at Drops? To make your journey through our gamified experience as seamless and immersive as possible so that you'll be excited about studying every day of the yearlong cycle from now on—and never miss out again because we're always updating this revolutionary new Language App with fresh content just in time before exams roll around again next semester or during those all-important cramming sessions ahead of college entrance exam season (spoiler alert: there are no breaks!).

Remote Engineer Backend Skills:

Typescript, Javascript, AWS (Lambda, RDS, S3, Security Measures and Scaling), Deployment & CI/CD Automation, Appstore (iOS & Google Play) experience.

About you:

With almost a decade of technical experience, you’ve learned to think like an engineer. You love building products and solving problems - but sometimes your team needs help with one particular skill: getting new clients or acquiring large accounts! That's where I come in as our Product Manager (or PM). As someone who knows what it takes for these types of projects; we can work together side-by-side on this critical project success milestone

You’re the kind of person who never backs down from a challenge. You thrive in an environment where there are no constraints and everything is possible - whether that means building products for millions or scaling them at speed with minimum downtime! The backend has always been your domain, so when our team needed someone to take ownership over security standards it was like finding a nemesis instead of just another project role

The type-safe development approach will come naturally because you're already comfortable working database-side as well frontend technologies including ReactJS on top Kubernetes/AWS Lambda function deploys? We want somebody tough enough to handle both tasks but also quick learners are given these new areas were previously unknown territory

We are a team of driven people who believe in what you're doing. We want to help foster that spirit and have no intention of growing any further than just enough for your needs

We know that being with us will be an exciting experience!

The remote position

  • You will have an opportunity to excel as a talent by working on your development path. You'll also be part of our team's rota for call-center emergencies!
  • You'll work closely with the C-Level Tech Officer on our backend technical roadmap, vision and you will have responsibility for delivering these improvements. You are also required to communicate effectively so that all stakeholders understand what we're working towards!
  • We’re always looking for ways to automate the building, deploying, and testing process. We also want our team members in IT Operations to be able to provide exceptional service by keeping your website up 24/7 with high availability ratings - 5 9s!
  • You will be the backbone of our product team. You'll work closely with developers and designers on new features, bug fixing, or security enhancement across infrastructure/ops work
  • You won't just lend us your voice - you'll become an integral part of it!
  • You will be developing backend features for an app that can be deployed to both web and app stores. You'll also build infrastructure/tooling within AWS, GCP (Google Cloud Platform)and enhance platform security

The work you do will have a huge impact on our products, and the entire company. You’ll be collaborating with other members of the engineering team to support both current features as well as future development needs!

You have:

  • At our company, we value clarity of communication and transparency. It is at the center of what it means to work here- whether in high-level decision making or low-level tasks that can be done during European working hours (10 AM - 6 PM CET).
  • You need a ton of experience in software development, specifically as it applies to product design. You should have extensive senior roles and you must be experienced building apps on both servers or platforms that use functional environments (serverless). If this sounds interesting send me your resume!
  • Our company is looking for a Software Engineer with experience in scaling internal tooling, promoting development best practices, and prioritization (and ensuring delivery) of technical debt. You must also have managed projects at Drops before your new role starts!
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills are necessary for this job. You will also need to have experience working in a product growth environment, which is where the majority of my work has been done over time!