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Remote DevOps Engineer Platform (Senior) hired by Doximity

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$100k - $160k

About Doximity

We are looking for a remote DevOps Engineer Platform to join our team. We have 80% of Doctors that use Doximity, one million healthcare professionals across America rely on us every day! If you want to continue your career in medicine while also making an impactful difference with cutting-edge technology then this opportunity is right up your alley.

Doximity is a company dedicated to transforming the healthcare industry. They're on a mission of empowering doctors with the information they need, and as such offer software engineering opportunities that will help bring about this change from within cross-functional delivery teams alongside other engineers or designers depending upon your expertise.

Doximity is full of exceptional people that don't fit a mold! Join us and transform how nurses collaborate. We bring diversity in technical backgrounds as well as cultural perspectives to our projects - we like thinking pragmatically when choosing tools appropriate for the job at hand (even if they're not on this list).

About you

  • You are a remote DevOps Engineer and a problem solver with the ability to manage yourself and others. Do you have experience working in Terraform, Ansible, or Chef (or similar tooling) environments where you can make an impact on projects right away?
  • You and the rest of your team will need to communicate with each other for you all to be successful.
  • You're able to take on this responsibility by maintaining a minimum 5-hour overlap, from 9:30 am -5 pm PT., during which time we can discuss what needs to be done around here!
  • Don't forget that it takes about two weeks every year just so I have some downtime between work trips--enough leeway so when one person is feeling tired after hours at their desk job (like me), others still want nothing more than some quality bonding time as well.
  • Your skills include Unix-based systems like Amazon Web Services & Git tools which will help us solve even more complex problems together!
  • You’re a software engineer who understands the ins and outs of operating Kubernetes in production. You have years of experience with container technology, including deploying applications on top platforms like Docker or Ethereum Blockchain networks (this is where EKS comes into play).
  • Your deep understanding will help your team improve their productivity by using modern tools such as kubectl for managing clusters easily from centralized locations instead of having to constantly monitor them via CLI commands every five minutes - It sounds exhausting! With all these benefits combined we need someone just like you onboard ASAP

About Us

  • We're a team that builds web applications. We use Ruby on Rails, JavaScript (Vue), and Golang for the backend--we also like Python!
  • Our data engineering stack runs on MySQL with Spark or Airflow as needed; these days it's mostly airflows because deployment has become much faster than ever before thanks to AWS Lambda triggered deployments which deploy each time you make changes in your codebase without any further intervention required by humans at all
  • Our web applications are built primarily using Ruby, Rails, and Javascript (Vue). Our data engineering stack runs on Python with MySQL for Spark/Airflow.
  • We have over 350 private repositories in Github containing our application code as well as forked gems created by other developers; this includes projects that we work on internally or open-source ones outside of Doximity!
  • There's also some cool stuff happening behind the scenes like machine learning models updating themselves based on user behavior which can make your app even better depending upon what needs solving - it’s all connected after all 🙂

Benefits & Perks

We are a company that offers a great work environment with many benefits, including medical insurance coverage. Stock incentives are also available for those who want to earn more money on their own time! To learn more about this opportunity please visit our careers page.