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Remote Devops Engineer (Senior) hired by C2 Labs

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$100k - $130k
United States

About the Position

We at Company know you're a valuable asset to our team. We want the best people possible, and we offer an excellent salary with benefits too! The position is yours if: 1) You have strong problem-solving skills or leadership qualities; 2) Want work on cutting edge IT/Cyber challenges? Send us your resume today so we can start recruiting from here – it will be worth all those years in college tuition when they say “I did this…”

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join our team and help us grow. We're looking for someone who can take on any task, no matter how difficult it may be! This position requires the right person with strong decision-making skills as well as periodic travel (up until 25%) that will include client meetings or work assignments around the country - both domestically and internationally. In addition, you must meet US Citizen.

You'll have the opportunity to meet with clients, vendors, and in-house personnel while also leveraging some of today's cutting-edge tools. With Docker containers being used more often for application deployment you will be able to get up running quickly by learning how they work alongside CI/CD capabilities that make sure your applications are always working as expected no matter where they reside on-premise or off

Are you ready to take your career in a whole new direction with the opportunity for a dynamic, cutting-edge environment? We are actively seeking experienced DevOps engineers who can assist us by leading efforts that will shape our clients' future. A reliable individual must have strong leadership skills and excellent technical knowledge of containerization technologies as well cloud computing principles such as automating manual processes while also modernizing legacy applications using modern frameworks.

Remote Devops Engineer Education Requirements:

  • You will be responsible for providing hands-on experience with CI/CD tools, such as Gateshead. You must also have familiarity with infrastructure code and related tooling like Ansible, Puppet Chef, or terraform
  • The ideal candidate should possess strong GitOps skills (pipeline-driven automation using git branching merging).
  • You need to be an adept analyzer with strong analytic skills, who can evaluate systems and code against desired requirements. You will also have the ability to understand what’s required of you by our clients' needs; then create technical documentation accordingly using minimal supervision from managers/ownership groups
  • This person should only apply if they're familiar enough UiPath's robotic process automation (RPA) tools or prefer them over others
  • You'll need experience with command-line-driven applications and technologies as well as a preference for Linux. You should also be proficient in word processing, spreadsheet application, or presentation software to write error-free client deliverables
  • We need someone with strong attention to detail who can prioritize and multi-task. I also have some experience in project management but would like assistance on agility/scrum certification training if possible
  • You will need to be an excellent communicator and problem solver for this position.
  • You must have strong written skills, as well as verbal communication abilities to correspond with clients successfully - not only while troubleshooting their issues but also during the sales process if required by company policy!
  • Not only do they expect you to communicate effectively on behalf of Microsoft solutions at all times; your tone must match up too so people are sure what message is being sent across regardless of whether it's anger or excitement etc. This industry does call upon plenty who hold certifications such as very prestigious ones like Microsoft (.NET), Docker (.docker) Kubernetes AWSAI Air gapped Cloud Services Architect certificate). It

Job Duties

  • You need to know how cloud-native development tools work, have experience with version control systems like Git and related processes. Expertise in DevOps is also required!
  • With the right knowledge, you can have a significant impact on your company's bottom line. You need to know how software development is happening for it to be efficient and effective
  • which means that not only should developers be well versed with Python or other scripting languages but also security hardening practices as well!
  • This role requires someone who has experience designing complex architecture so they are aware of every aspect from performance optimization all way down into detail about what could cause problems later down the road because nobody wants extra work-related product maintenance due to an overlooked vulnerability during the deployment process
  • You need to be familiar with modern containerization tooling including Docker and Kubernetes. Developing documentation/procedures, communicating/training client personnel manually constructing Dockerfiles by reviewing existing source code Testing application builds so you can remediate issues found during testing
  • Do you have experience in developing modern user experiences for web or mobile applications leveraging popular frameworks such as React, Angular Vue?
  • We are looking for someone with deep expertise across full-stack development including front-end engineering skills like HTML5, CSS3; Backbone.js architecture design principles combined with Java Persistence API (JPA) SQL Server Oracle NoSQL databases.