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Remote Developer for Shopify (Senior) hired by eScale

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$40k - $80k

About us

Finding a website builder is easy these days. But finding one that can build an e-commerce store from scratch and maintain it? That part might be tough to do nowadays in this day of technological advancement!

At eScale, we don’t just build websites. We are an agency that designs for growth and our clients know it because they come back again and again in search of a company that will take their business from good to great with cutting-edge technology solutions tailored around their needs as customers change rapidly every day on the internet

Ecommerce web design is not one thing – it's many things: some companies create stores with static product pages while others think outside the box by giving audiences more interactivity through live streaming video chats or virtual reality tours

eScale is looking for an eCommerce-focused developer to join our team. We help make your business grow by building custom experiences and performing ongoing CRO which has made us successful in the health & wellness industry!

Remote Developer for Shopify Responsibilities

You'll need a strong understanding of Shopify's platform to work at FullContact. You will collaborate with our design and development team via Slack, Asana, or Google Meet for us to all reach our goals together! We're looking for someone who can passionately solve problems by diving into tasks head-on while staying organized enough not only to manage themselves but also others around them.

  • You'll be able to create custom themes from provided high fidelity mockups, boost your website's speed with optimized code, and more!
  • You're also going on an adventure-building mission where you will learn how to install Shopify apps.
  • Your journey starts by learning about these three things: installing plugins for better performance; adjusting site settings so they work the way YOU want them to (not just what SELLS); adding features like landing pages or lead capture forms
  • We're looking for a developer who can help us take our eCommerce site from the ground up. You'll be responsible for areas like these: Shopify development, speed optimization & web vitality discoveries
  • You can't hope to succeed in this world without a solid foundation. You must have Headless Commerce Shopify and the right development workflow if you want your business to reach its full potential!

Why work with eScale?

  • You'll work with nice people. You can take 11 paid holidays, have PTO and insurance reimbursement!
  • The location requirements mean you need excellent English communication skills but this is an awesome chance if your time zone works well with Central Standard Time (or just want some extra hours).
  • We're all about the remote-first work environment.
  • We don't want you to have any of those pesky concerns like being called back at your desk next month or year, and there won't be a hybrid situation where some people are in contact while others stay out on their lonesome island running errands for them (you know who they are).
  • Small but high-performing? You betcha! This team is focused on helping positive eCommerce brands reach their growth goals - if that sounds good then come join us now because time is money!!