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Remote Desktop Application Developer (Senior) hired by Unusual Ventures

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$50k - $120k

Our Mission

Working together is the only way to succeed. And with CoScreen, teams will be able to do so even better than ever before thanks to a digital collaboration platform that makes remote work as good (or sometimes better) than if you were sitting across from one another in person!

CoScreen is a new company that’s revolutionizing the design and development process with an innovative Electron-based desktop application implemented in Typescript (frontend) and C++, as well as Rust. You'll be joining our remote team of Developers, designers, product managers—even QA! Your job will involve designing features for upcoming products or solving hard problems when ours don't work out right away--at least until we figure it all out together.

Who we are

We are a team of builders who want to build the best products for our users. We work hard on these projects, and we're proud that they bring millions together in natural ways every day! It's important as professionals at this company are there when it counts- I am personally blessed with 2 amazing families which makes balancing things difficult sometimes but also gives me hope knowing there will eventually come a time where everything evens out again.

At this company, we want you to have a wide range of skills so that no matter what position is open for hire. As such we need to rate these traits highly on your list and help prepare potential employees with all they need when applying here at our tech startup!

About the role remote Desktop Application Developer

The ability quick learn new things alongside being self-motivated will also be necessary to accomplish anything within the workplace during their first week or two rotating assignments which can include everything from programming through database management—we don't expect anyone coming into work already knowing how each program works though

We don't just want you to have a job - we need it. With our Perks Generous holiday schedule and Flexible PTO equity top of the line medical, dental & vision match ability to work remotely (in time zones across America & Europe)

Salary and compensation

With no salary data published by the company, we estimated a typical developer's annual income based on previous jobs that are similar.