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Remote Data Engineer (Senior) hired by Tribes.AI

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$20k - $50k


With millions of work interactions all loaded into one massive graph database, the Data Engineer is in charge to help us wrangle this interesting dataset.

The ideal candidate should have a passion for data engineering and an ability to innovate- there will be no instructions booklet! It's up to you along with other members of your team develop cutting-edge applications from scratch following software engineering best practices.

No matter what you do in your career, it's important to enjoy the work. We're not just talking about playing games during office hours or taking long walks around lunchtime--although that is helpful too! It means looking forward to coming into work every day because this person wants their life outside of professional duties to fulfill themselves with hard-worked hours spent on improving something they love doing - which also happens to be one's job.


You will be responsible for

  • automating and scaling our data pipeline
  • implementing established best practices where appropriate to innovate in other areas.
  • You should also be able to identify process improvements (i.e., identifying automation opportunities)
  • mentoring junior engineers on their first steps into this field!


Tribes.AI is a new startup aiming to help build strong high-performance teams with advanced analytics, so managers can make informed decisions about their employees' performance and outcomes for the business at large!

A huge amount of data produced by everyday activities like emails or meetings could be mined into trends that provide valuable insights on how well you're doing in your role as an employee/team member; thus far Tribes has found 11 different predictive models based on these types personal metrics (e.g., number completing tasks assigned).

As a team of experienced professionals, our goal is to create an environment for growth. We know that successful employees are not only key members in achieving success but also take pride and ownership with what they do which makes Tribes AI unique among other companies out there who hire on a temporary or contract basis. However, if you're looking into more than just being another body then this isn't the right place as we offer a full benefits package too!


As an employee of our company, you will have access to the following perks:

  • A share options plan – once past probation your career progression won't be slowed down by things like seniority
  • A chance for fast-tracking in becoming more efficient with us through opportunities and challenges that help advance skill sets (i.e., training)
  • You can work when and where you want, as long as it gets done! No one cares about your schedule but us.
  • We will pay for any reasonable home Internet expenses too (you're in this together).
  • If you're looking for a way to stay current in your field, increase productivity, and learn new skills while getting paid this is the opportunity. You'll receive all of these benefits:
  • The ability to use our laptops (EMI purchase) Unlimited leave training courses we want you to keep learning so we pay for relevant courses
  • And lastly but not least - Company culture!


Successful professionals need to be able to solve problems. If you don't have the necessary experience, then take this opportunity for training and certifications that will make your career flourish!

  • Hands-on experience using Google Kubernetes is a must.
  • Familiarity with any other tools in this field also be helpful
  • Cloud Platform and graph databases like Neo4j that provide an analytical edge to your job duties
  • To become successful in software engineering - which includes building computer systems or apps-you should already possess excellent problem-solving skills
  • hands-on Airflow development knowledge because the distributed system is needed too (for example collecting data).
  • Solid understanding of standards methods design principles are also key components required by any company looking into hiring someone like yourself; if not now then when it comes time expand their team exponentially through growth opportunities offered only through technological innovation.


All team members should be able to work with almost no supervision (i.e., self-driven, organized tasks and errors). They must also have great written communication skills both in English or other languages that they speak fluently for effective instant messaging on remote platforms like Skype/Zoom etc." And also Team workers who are not afraid to step outside the comfort zone and try new things. They have a strong collaborative attitude, always willing to help with constructive suggestions unasked for other team members' challenges even though they don't know how it will turn out yet because their obsession over perfectionism drives them towards optimization everywhere where possible (i e., looking for ways of doing things better than before).