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Remote Data Engineer Explorer & Data Products (Senior) hired by

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$60k - $120k


Join our team of data engineers and hackers to build the next-generation blockchain explorer, which will be one of crypto's most popular websites. As a member, you'll have input into how we produce all this content for BlockExplorer as well as being part of engineering success on some cool products coming up!

We are a company that wants to create the world's leading software platform for digital assets. With our production blockchain, we'll share your passion for coding and creating with you to achieve an open future where everyone has access to a fair financial system one piece at a time!

What does it take to be a successful software engineer? Well, in our department for example we have some things that you should do. Our engineering teams are involved with all aspects of the product lifecycle from idea generation and design through execution shipping. So no matter what stage your team is at as an individual contributor or leader within this process it's important not only know-how but also to drive technical discussions when necessary! As senior engineers on these projects make sure they're advocating best practices by following them themselves: driving decisions about approach while positively impacting others' work outcomes through strong leadership skills.


As our new remote Data Engineer Explorer & Data Products you'll need:

  • You need to be fluent in Python, have experience with ETL pipelines, and work on Google Cloud Platform.
  • You also need an understanding of SQL databases but not no-SQL ones.
  • You need to be an experienced programmer with Google Composer or Airflow experience
  • as well as programming languages such as Java and Scala.
  • It would also help if you had some knowledge of Spark or a similar Big Data framework too!
  • You are a data scientist with an engineering background who has experience working in distributed and real-time technologies.
  • You have the desire for continued learning on how best to use these skills, as well as collaborate on new ones that emerge over time such you continue your career advancement by taking charge of key roles at companies around North America or abroad!
  • If this sounds like something up your alley then we want to hear from you!


  • You will be responsible for maintaining and evolving the current data lake infrastructure.
  • You'll also look to evolve it as new requirements arise, by providing best-practice frameworks that ensure reliability and accuracy of all datasets in use at your company or otherwise
  • Maintaining a stable core layer ensures our existing pipelines continue running smoothly while we build out newer ones with more robust features like AI algorithms which can help us make better decisions based on what they find through artificial intelligence software programs such as machine learning models; these enhancements reduce time spent analyzing large volumes (or even individual records) into smaller sets during processing
  • You are an experienced data scientist with a background in complex modeling, whose work has been used to power many production models.
  • As our new Data Scientist colleague, you will be responsible for providing us with a reliable and maintainable framework that can easily deploy models onto the fly - something we need right now as more companies start taking notice of how powerful predictive analytics is! We'll give you all tools necessary including Design/Developing Visualization Tools & Products too


Our unlimited vacation policy and learning resources are just two of the many perks that come with joining our team. We also offer a full-time salary based on experience, meaningful equity in an industry-leading company--not to mention Apple equipment!


You should send your resume, CVs/resumes, and LinkedIn profiles. Link to Github or Stackoverflow if you have any.

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Salary and compensation

There is no published salary data for this company, but we estimated it based on previous jobs related to similar Engineer positions.