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Remote C# .NET Web Developer (Senior) hired by HappyPorch

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$30k - $40k

About Us

Some say that we are a band of brothers, doing what it takes to make the world better. Our shared passion for our clients is at the core of everything we do - they inspire us and drive us forward in ways only true collaborators could understand.

We collaborate, explore and invent alongside our clients to build applications that enable them. We provide development expertise for creating the best solutions possible with integrity delivered in a fun environment where passion drives innovation from an individual's purpose rather than personal ambition or trendy technology at its own sake

We are committed to our customers' needs beyond just meeting their financial goals. HappyPorch is a B Corporation with 1% for the Planet, meaning that we have been focused on being remote-first from day one - not an option or something extra but integral when developing solutions that meet all of your business and personal internet needs in this new connected world order!

In addition, because each team member must be selfless about what they do best so as never compromise quality over time it has made us realize how necessary exercising regularly also can become post

Are you passionate about coding? Are all the cool kids doing it, and do not want to miss out on any of that action. If so then this could be just what your heart is looking for!

About you

Working for this company is like being part of the family. I've always known that our clients are among some of the best in their field, but working alongside them every day was an honor and privilege! You will be doing similar things - gathering requirements from long-term relationships with clients; contributing architectural decisions by identifying pain points or suggesting improvements; planning how we can make sure projects go smoothly no matter what comes up along the way (I had expected "if there's any problem at all" would come out sounding more negative than optimistic).

Working on a distributed team takes high levels of motivation and the ability to self-manage. As such, you must have excellent written English communication skills as well as verbal abilities for us both to deliver our outputs professionally when communicating with other people internally or externally (customers).


  • You are hungry remote C# .NET Web Developer to take on responsibility and use your experience, ideas, energy to drive success. You enjoy solving problems with the constant drive that only comes from being eager for more knowledge about how best to approach these challenges
  • You're not satisfied until people realize what value you've brought them when it's all said & done so measure yourself by results rather than hours logged!
  • You're a natural at communicating messages both verbally and through written English. You have an eye for detail, which is important in all aspects of life!
  • Your attention to quality makes you meticulous about every project or task is given your work with precision as well as being great on process management when it comes down it software development projects too.

We're looking for the best and we don't care about your age, disability, or gender identity. If you can handle a wide range of technical experience then this might be an opportunity that interests get excited with!