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Remote Backend Engineer (Senior) hired by TheyDo

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$70k - $130k

About Us

TheyDo is a passionate team of dedicated individuals who have been working tirelessly to make the world more beautiful, one paint stroke at a time. They're currently on their mission trip halfway around the globe from home and still going strong!

With funding raised from top investors for their startup this movement into which they will double its staff by year-end while also onboarding customers across all continents - It's only getting better ahead as we see what these artists can do with color so come join us now before it becomes too late!

The first B2B SaaS platform that allows organizations to redefine cross-team collaboration around the customer journey. TheyDo helps teams make sense of a complex data graph and connect it with various sources, making their work easier than ever before! With this user experience in mind - polish & performance combined for designers everywhere--we strive so your team can be more successful at what they do best: connecting people by understanding customers better than anyone else out there.

About you

We’re looking for a remote Senior Backend Engineer to join our founding team. You will be working closely with CTO Charles and shaping both the company as well as its application architecture while we get ready for scale!

If you're well-acquainted with typed NodeJS codebases and preferably these technologies: Postgres, Redis, ElasticSearch. You can work on projects that involve the following platforms in your daily life (or at least know-how): AWS Web Services like Websockets or Microservices architecture

This person has an entrepreneurial spirit, knows how to balance pragmatic perfectionism in their work ethic by constantly making sure that everything they do is "ready" before moving onto another project or milestone - all without sacrificing development speed & performance either (which I know you love). If this sounds like your cup of tea then please apply 🙂

Your assignment

You have a knack for bringing your A-game and making sure everything is top-notch. Our product needs you to shape the architecture, so we can scale it out across a variety of platforms.

  • ⏱️ You will be able to enable version control on all of your data with this one simple step, ensuring that it can't get lost!
  • ⚡ You will be creating a system to improve real-time collaborative functionality. You'll use fractional indexing, last writer wins, and other techniques for an improved user experience
  • 📈 As a part of this project, you will be implementing microservices and extending our event-driven architecture.
  • 🔌 You will get a real taste of what it's like to work with an ecosystem that connects you from day one - Miro, Jira, and Google Analytics.

You will be a founding team member and help set the foundation for our engineering culture. You'll articulate principles, lay down long-term plans with me so we can have an amazing company in 10 years!

We're looking for a remote Backend Engineer

  • We want an asynchronous worker who organizes and documents their work. We are looking for a clean coder with great organization skills, capable of writing code in the best interest of others while also being able to maintain it at all times!
  • We are looking for a product-minded engineer who wants to understand how people use our products and why.
  • An ambitious back-end architect with several years of experience working on scaling architecture is a big plus!

What we offer

  • We are looking for a remote team member to join our squad. This person will work four or five days per week, at any time of day that suits you best!
  • You'll have the opportunity to collaborate with other enthusiastic colleagues who've been in their position 20+ years and shape products as we grow together - all from your home office (or anywhere else).
  • You will be able to meet new people and develop your leadership skills at our company outings.
  • We offer professional development reimbursement, Mental health, and wellness coverage with our exclusive Gold Shield Benefits plan for your family.
  • Paid parental leave to care for new mothers or fathers of newborns AND paid time off after returning from military service - all enabled by company-paid home office & technology equipment rentals!
  • You can expect competitive compensation plus equity for working here, as we believe in the importance of giving back!
  • We also offer 25 vacation days per year so you don't need any more than 2 weeks off from work if possible (unless it's over Christmas).
  • We're excited that you've decided on joining us - let me show how much alike we are 🙂

You are invited to join our team of inspired individuals who live out their values by working hard in an environment that nurtures personal growth. Why not come on board?

Our engineering team

The engineering team at my company is amazing! We have a CTO, three full-stack engineers, and one back-end engineer. The people who work here are so chill that we can do anything for this ambitious product of ours because they're not stressed or overwhelmed by pressure from above us in management.

At the office, engineers are expected to have a flexible schedule with ample time for deep work. They also get plenty of pair programming opportunities so they can perfect their code without interruption from meetings or other obligations that could slow down progress on projects in which it's imperative user satisfaction is met at all costs since this will ultimately lead up towards company growth!

We use cutting-edge technologies to make your life easier. Our server is fully typed and built on NodeJS, Apollo, Redis Postgres ElasticSearch more modern tools such as VueJS WebSockets, AWS Storybook Cypress Jest Stripe, etc.

Our culture

TheyDo's culture is all about "do". We ask forgiveness instead of permission, it's never too late for someone to try. Better yet - just get started with TheyDo because there are no limitations on what can happen in this company!

The remote work culture at our company is so different. We don't have long lines of communication or decisions because hierarchies and silos are part of the past, which allows everyone on your team to contribute in ways they never had before! In an office environment where you can be cut off from fellow employees if need-be (depending on location), where there's always someone nearby for quick chats about what needs doing - no matter how busy things get between schedules; we're all motivated toward finding a balance between home/work life while still giving 100% effort into whatever task may come up next.

TheyDo is a company that values diversity and individuality. They think long term, as they strive to hire the best possible fit for each role no matter your background or gender identity!