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Remote Backend Engineer (Senior) hired by Komoot

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$60k - $120k

About you

Excited to be a part of the komoot team? As our new remote Backend Engineer, you'll join our highly-motivated group that loves solving complex problems with simple and smart solutions. We're focused on impact, which means we have no reservations when it comes time for tough challenges--we embrace modern technologies like infrastructure as code (IaC) or microservices! If you live life at 10x speed while building resilient systems from scratch every day - this might just be your dream job too.

About Komoot

Komoot is a global community app that lets you find and share adventures with others. Powered by the outdoor lifestyle, we focus on exploration as our mission - inspiring everyone to take great trips! Our Google Play Store list includes us multiple times as “One of The Best Apps” so it's no surprise why Apple also lists them among their favorite apps too.

The world is waiting for your adventures. Join Komoot, the most popular cycling and hiking app with over 23 million users to help them explore! We are looking to hire remote positions that will change how people experience their day-to-day lives through exploration by providing access no matter where you live in the globe.

Why you will love the role remote Backend Engineer

  • You’ll work on projects that are tailored to your skills. You'll get a chance for some hands-on time with enthusiastic engineers, hikers, and cyclists who are passionate about what they do!
  • You will have flexibility in choosing where you want us to meet up - be it at our office or any beach location covered by Ubersingles.'
  • You'll travel with our team to amazing outdoor places several times a year (when safe) to exchange ideas, learnings and go for hikes or bike rides. Check out this playlist which has videos of how we stay close while being a remote Backend Engineer!
  • You’ll be part of a team that is changing people's lives by adding more time outdoors. We are revolutionizing how users engage with their surroundings and the company, positively impacting millions in ways both large ( onboarding projects )and small( customer service ).
  • The data-driven nature of our product requires innovative solutions which you can use to set yourself apart from other candidates alike - we believe ideas count!

What you will do

  • You'll help us build and launch new features by closely collaborating with client developers, designers, copy writers, and quality assurance. You will work on data science projects as well so we can keep our system state-of-the-art for all the traffic coming through it!
  • Designing end to end solutions means you need to know everything from planning out what needs to be done in terms of development right down to how things should be deployed or monitored after they go live - not just making some pretty designs look good either but something useful too
  • Developing and improving high-traffic online services, as well as offline workers for data crunching.
  • You will also be able to work with Kotlin on new microservices that are powered by AWS!

You will be successful in this position if you

  • You are a self-driven individual who has the experience with remote work and skills needed to work as an API Developer.
  • You're a problem solver and lover of details. You've got experience with all the tools that make production on-demand possible: AWS, GCP, or Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure; Kubernetes as well (or any other container orchestrator).
  • Your attention to detail means you can take our team through everything from installation procedures for new IT resources like containers in an environment full deployment strategies
  • You have been responsible for configuring, running applications in production on AWS or Google Cloud Platforms among other things

Sound like you?

We want to hear from you! Please send us the following:

Your CV in English highlights your most relevant experience. A write-up explaining who is and why do you think hiring managers would be interested in working at komoot?

Feel free also send something that shows off what little knowledge about our company we know, whether it's on GitHub or Twitter - whatever social media account is closest for YOU 🙂


The best part about working at the company is that we get to enjoy three all-expense-paid Company gatherings per year. The last one was in Paris and it snowed! You won't believe how beautiful everything looked while everyone else got stuck inside for their shift - who knew life could be so unpredictable?

The great thing about these events is they're free, but you know what would make them amazing? If there were discounts available on some outdoor brands such as Patagonia or Wahoo just by showing up here with your membership card of course.