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Remote Full Stack Engineer (Senior) hired by YourStake

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$110k - $190k


As a remote-first company, backed by great investors and with an exciting mission to affect change across industries we would love you to be part of our team. We're small but your work will have major impacts from day 1!

As a remote Full Stack Engineer, you'll be a key member of our team, leading projects and engineering efforts across different aspects. You will have the opportunity to work with one on one advisors who use YourStake's data in their investment strategies by adding features or building out functionality for them via API updates from time-to-time

Every day you get asked, "What can I do?" It seems like everyone has ideas about how business could improve--but without strong project management skills, they don't know where best place those thoughts! Working closely as part of an experienced group focused on real problems is great preparation because no idea belongs inside just any old box -

YourStake is a financial company that helps people understand the social and environmental impact of their investments. We believe in providing transparency so we can help create real change with our users' investments by giving them access to information about public companies from hundreds of sources, empowering advisors through powerful tools for data ingestion/mining & analysis across all markets - not just equities but also bonds or fixed income products too!

About our team

We're a team of passionate, driven people who work with integrity to create an environment that prioritizes the needs and interests of communities over profit. That means we believe in transparency so you can see how your money is being spent.

We also love remote working because it's more efficient for workers! Finally, diversity drives innovation - which has been proven by studies from organizations such as Google on their Project SEOUL initiative about workplace inclusion.

We hope you are:

We hope you are excited to join our team of passionate developers. We have an innovative, fast-growing startup with a mission of social & environmental change. Who could be better suited for it than someone experienced in both front and back-end web application development?

You'll love the latest technology stack that includes Python + Django along with Pandas data analysis tools as well as VueJS or PostgreSQL depending on your needs. It will also give us great pleasure when wearing many hats during business growth because this means more opportunities coming up at varying levels within

Please indicate which of the following areas are most interesting to you.

  • Frontend UI/UX
  • Customer Solutions/Support
  • Enterprise Integrations (working on the backend and APIs)
  • Data (architecture, cleaning, processing, NLP)