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Remote Integrations Engineer (Senior) hired by Etleap

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$30k - $50k

About Us

In a world where data analysis has become more and more crucial, many organizations have had to invest for their staff members to work efficiently. But as time goes on it becomes clear that this isn't enough - there is still too much waste when working with complex IT systems like ETL tools or even databases themselves! That's why Etleap was born out of frustration- because they saw how hard things were getting not only by wasting precious minutes building pipelines but also doing all sorts of other tasks like cleaning up old files left behind after importing new ones into your system.

We're hiring a remote Integrations Engineer! Data teams rely on our core engineering team to build the infrastructure and integrations that make data warehouse operations possible. With a focus on building abstractions, we should be able for anyone with even just an interest can take advantage of big datasets without having any knowledge or experience necessary

The future of data-driven analytics is in YOUR hands! Become a member of our team that's building the next generation ETL software and help us make fast, scalable integrations with minimal latency for accurate results.

As a remote Integrations Engineer, you will come up with novel ideas on how to extend Etleap’s integrations framework, and then implement those as reusable interfaces.

What we want to see in you:

You are the go-to person for solving data problems. Your engineering skills make you an invaluable asset in any team, and your fast thinking is impossible not to notice!

You feel like coding in Java is second nature to you and are excited about the opportunity for growth.

You're a ray of sunshine in the business world, and your friendly personality will make anyone want to work with you. You have great social skills that are refreshing!

Are you living anywhere in the world? This role is open to anyone!