How to Hire Offshore Software Developers Without Getting Burned

Many businesses and start-ups are turning to offshore software development as a way to cut costs and increase productivity. But like any other decision in business, there's always some risk involved. We'll explore the risks and rewards of offshore development and how to hire the right talent.
by Billy Stone » Remote Work Nerd » 
last updated on November 13th
As a business owner, how do you know how to hire the best offshore software developer for your company? It can be tricky.

But with some guidance and research, it doesn’t have to be so difficult. We'll cover how to create a job listing, how long the process takes, what questions you should ask during interviews, and how much money it costs on average

Do you currently have a team of software developers in-house? If so, how many employees do you have and how long has the company been established?

Asking yourself these questions is an excellent way to determine if your answer to the question “should I hire offshore software developers” would be yes or no.

What are Offshore Software Developers?

Offshore software developers are a clever solution to meeting the business needs of your organization. Basically, offshore developers are the same as remote developers.

Sometimes what’s right in front of you isn’t always the right answer, and that's okay. Finding the right developer is a process that if executed inefficiently can cost you time and money.

You have to put together a job listing, screen a lot of candidates, make a ton of phone calls, and eventually test them. Even when you finally hire someone, you won’t know for sure if they are the right pick until after they start working.

It’s no surprise that there is such a difference when you look at all factors involved! Certainly one factor is how much the cost of living is in your area, but there are other factors as well.

The main reason for this difference between rates across countries is because you can save money by outsourcing work to a country where the costs of living are substantially lower.

Woman typing on laptop

You may have heard about how software developers in countries such as India or China have a lower cost of living. That is true, but how does that translate into how much it would save you?

What Are the Benefits of Hiring Offshore Developers?

The number one benefit to hiring offshore software developers is how cost-effective it can be compared to local professionals in your area. For example, if you hire someone to do a job for $45/hour in the United States, how much will it cost right now compared to hiring an offshore developer at a rate of $20-$30/hour?

The opportunity to scale quickly

Not having enough qualified staff to accommodate your business's growth is the last thing any company wants. However, without a strong technology team in place, it can easily happen and will leave you with an inefficient workspace that doesn't generate profit as it should.

Having access to several great people working remotely is a huge benefit that makes hiring offshore developers worthwhile. You can scale up or down as necessary, and how many employees you have in-house will not dictate how much work your business can do with its software engineers.

The ability to focus on your core business

Offshoring can be a great way to take some of the load off your plate. With all these services being handled by an offshore partner, you'll never have any worries about payroll or recruitment again!

When hiring offshore software developers, you have the opportunity to focus on your core business. This means more time for every other aspect of running a company while giving yourself peace of mind knowing how well your offshore development team is doing with their work.

Save operational costs

The average salary for a software developer is 65.000 USD. With employee wages accounting for more than half of the fixed costs in an average business and benefits such as travel allowance, insurance, and yearly bonuses it’s no wonder that hiring locals can cost you through your nose!

But by starting hiring remote developers from overseas this amount could be significantly lowered saving money where it counts most- with operations expenses.

Computer used to work offshore

So the benefit of hiring offshore software developers is how you can save operational costs. This includes the market cost, hire, and manage employees in your office building.

If all goes well, this could mean a significant amount of savings that will help increase how much money you make without increasing how much money it takes to run your business!

Access to engineering talent

In a world where technology is driving change and progress at breakneck speeds, it's no wonder that engineers are increasingly in demand. There has been such an increase for these talented individuals with qualifications to work as developers or cybersecurity experts across several regions including North America & Western Europe among others - all this without enough talent available!

When hiring offshore, you have access to a huge pool of engineering talent. This includes how many people with a degree in computer science or experience working in the tech industry you have available to interview for your company!

And with so much competition for this kind of talent, offering competitive salaries and benefits can be easy when hiring offshore software developers from countries such as India where the education system is very strong.

Critical factors To Succeed

But, besides all these great benefits, how do you know how to hire offshore software developers without getting burned?

Read on for a list of critical factors that will help ensure your success.

Just as important as hiring the right people is being able to keep them! To maintain this happiness, offering competitive salaries and benefits can be key early in the process when hiring from overseas since these engineers have a lot of options to choose from.

Communicate effectively

The best way for you to do this is by the high level of communication you provide with your offshore team. Nothing is worse than working on a project that takes months only to realize no one has been checking in or available when problems arose along the way!

This means how often and how effectively you can communicate with your offshore team is how you stay in the loop on how work is progressing. This will help ensure that projects are completed as quickly and efficiently as possible for everyone's benefit!

Stay organized

Projects need to be kept track of, milestones met, deadlines set - all these so important tasks don't get lost or forgotten about! By how organized and how well you stay on top of all the moving parts to your projects, how quickly work is done will be an added benefit.

Oversee their work

This means how much oversight you can provide for your offshore developers' progress should be considered as part of how to hire offshore software developers without getting burned. Spending time to how to manage them from the office building will help ensure that they are working as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Developer working on his macbook

Bridge the culture gap

Bridging the cultural gap between your offshore team and how well they fit into your company's culture will help ensure that projects get done right.

With each country, language group, or even city is there are many differences in how people communicate. This means being open-minded and understanding you can be towards what makes sense to them and how they work best will help ensure things get done right!

Where do I find the best offshore Developers?

There are many different regions to choose from when how hiring offshore software developers. This includes many options there are for where you can find the best team available!


The engineering talent in Brazil tends to be focused more on how mechanization and automation are used in their processes when compared to other countries. Brazil has the best engineers in all of Latin America. They're experts at designing and building robots, which is an area where Brazil significantly dominates over its southern neighbor Argentina as well as other countries around the world!

Eastern Europe

The engineering talent in Eastern European countries tends to have a more diverse background than teams from other regions, and this is what sets them apart. They bring their own culture with them which will be an essential part of you want your team's work environment to thrive at home or internationally. With so many different perspectives on offer, it can often feel like too much trouble keeping up but any lapse might cost valuable time lost getting back into stride again - let alone looking unprofessional for future clients

Wagesestern European Union (WEU)

These engineers are the most expensive but if you want someone with experience in technology and a quick turnaround time then these are worth every penny.

The more expensive the salaries, the higher quality of talent that may apply - but there's no guarantee! It’s up to you how well you know what kind of work ethic these engineers have when it comes time for them to start working.

East Asia

Asia has a more diverse population of engineers with different levels of experience, which means managing them can be challenging. Their level in an organization's corporate culture will need extra attention and they may not have as much rapport for new projects because they are used to working on larger scales or have been doing so since their early career days.

United States

Software Engineers in the United States tend to be pricey for their experience and how well they fit into your company's culture may need a lot of attention. However, if you want motivated candidates who will work quickly on projects then this is something that needs consideration!


If you're looking for a developer to work with in Canada, the talent tends to have an even balance between experience and cost. You'll want your offshore team member's motivation when they are working on projects so make sure it matches up well within company culture!


Still, finding yourself in need of a developer? Australia may have you covered! Developers here are known for being more experienced than other countries, which means their work will get done quickly.

New Zealand

The engineering talent in New Zealand tends to be more expensive than their counterparts from other regions with how experienced these candidates are may make it worthwhile for you. You'll want your offshore team's skillset and fit into the culture of your company before making any final decisions about where they will work, but I'm sure that if there was enough attention paid then this is something worth looking at!


Engineers in Pakistan are very quick to get things done! They have an excellent balance of experience and motivation when working on projects. This helps ensure that your project is completed quickly with their great work ethic and how well they fit into your corporate culture.


Engineers in India are much cheaper than their counterparts from other regions. This means that if you are looking for a good developer, India may have just what you need! Their work ethic will get your project done quickly and how well they fit into company culture is something to consider.


The engineers in China have a unique mix of experience that includes both those who are fresh out of school and experienced professionals. It's not uncommon for them to speak English well, which makes it easy for these workers from the largest Asian economy on Earth to blend right into your team!


Hiring an offshore software developer can be a great way to meet the needs of how your organization.

However, there are some things you need how to consider beforehand to make sure that this is the right decision for how long-term success and growth.

We've provided you with some insight into different countries offer different advantages as well as disadvantages when it comes to hiring developers overseas. Use these insights as guidance on where to start looking for those who will help take care of all those IT projects!