Want to hire Remote Developers? Stop wasting time & money!

Remote developers are in high demand these days, but hire the wrong developer and you'll be sorry. This article will help guide you through the process of finding and hiring an awesome remote developer for your organization.
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last updated on November 13th
Hiring remote developers is a difficult task to undertake without the right preparation. The process can be time-consuming, energy-draining and costly if executed inefficiently. Stop wasting time and money hiring remote developers - Here's how to get started.

Hiring a remote developer is exhausting and tedious, but it can be time well spent. Finding the right one for your organization may seem like a Herculean task- so many variables! You know you want a true rockstar for your team, but it’s hard to find. Don't worry though - we've got this!

Hiring remote people often revolve around several questions:

  • Where do I find good developers?
  • How do I attract the right talent to my job listing?
  • How can I determine whether they are a good fit?
  • What qualities and skills should they have?
  • How much should I pay for them?

The truth, though, is that hiring any person remotely requires an inordinate amount of work, care, patience, understanding - in the short - effort! The rewards are great when you hire someone who can do the job well.

One of the biggest problems is that developers often get lost in the overwhelming amount of jobs posted online and their resumes pile up in a virtual “to do” list, never to be seen again. It's like sending your resume hundreds of times into cyberspace hoping for an answer - with little or no luck!

So, without any further ado, let's get started!

Why Hire Remote Developers?

Hiring a remote developer can be quite rewarding and beneficial to an organization because it enables the business owner to hire talented individuals who may not live in their country.

Why Hire Remote Developers

Also, hiring remotely allows you to hire people from around the world which means that they will likely have experiences outside of their home countries too. This is especially helpful when your company needs someone with a specific set of skills to complete the job.

Think about it...

Hiring remotely also allows you to hire people who are currently unemployed, which means that hiring them won’t cost your company much money. You can hire someone working full-time or part-time and only pay when they are available for work too! This makes it easy for companies to hire even if they are on a budget.

Access to fresh talent

Hiring remotely also allows you to hire people who have experience in your industry but may not necessarily live near the company headquarters because of their location.

This will help bring more diversity into your organization and allow them to hire someone with different experiences than employees at the head office - which is great for the company because it helps them to hire people who are more qualified, which will lead to higher quality work being produced.

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Access to fresh talent

Benefits For Employees

There are plenty of benefits to employees who work remotely!

  1. Efficiency: The average developer spends 2 hours a day on tasks related to their job. With remote work, they have the opportunity for increased efficiency and organization to manage this time better by being able to organize themselves each morning before going into an 8-hour shift.
  2. Productivity: Productivity has increased among remote employees thanks to the lack of distractions, plus higher satisfaction with work and better performance.
  3. Autonomy: Developers who work remotely are more productive, and enjoy higher levels of autonomy. They get to take on tasks that require complex problem-solving skills while still receiving encouragement from managers in their office cubicles or homes. This is because remote positions give workers the responsibility for completing projects themselves instead of depending solely upon someone else’s process!
  4. Work-life balance: There's a reason why working from home has been proven to increase productivity and satisfaction! Not only does it reduce your commute time, but you can also take care of other necessary duties such as eating healthier or laundry without worrying about getting stuck in traffic. Working remotely might be one way for companies like Amazon who offer flexible schedules while still maintaining corporate culture- all at no extra cost because they're already implemented within their system.

Benefits For Employers

There are also tons of benefits to employers who hire remote workers!

  1. A happy work environment ensures that employees are more productive. Having a positive reputation in the community will lead to happier customers who come back for future purchases, too!
  2. Talent pool access – Companies can reach more uniques specialists with versatile backgrounds and provide a competitive salary in their region. Remote work means global talent, so you're not just limited to the area of specialization that is offered locally!
  3. The company's savings from not needing an office, utilities, and supplies can reach up to $10.000 a year for each employee. And if they work from home half of the time? That number is even higher!
  4. The modern economy offers a lot of opportunities, but only the ones you can take. Flexibility with remote work is going to help start your career off on the right foot by giving people more options than they would have otherwise had without this flexibility!

Where to find remote developers?

There are several platforms where you'll find and can hire remote developers, among them:


If you are looking for remote developer candidates, CodeTrails.com is one of the best job boards for hiring developers. They specialize in technical positions such as front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers.


This site is one of the largest communities for programmers and designers on the internet today. This is where you can hire remote engineers who have participated in community building, so they know how to work together effectively even in a remote environment.


With over 500 million members, this is one big platform for any company looking to hire developers who are connected with other professionals already in their desired industry! LinkedIn allows you to search out candidates based on location and specialty, so it's easy to find the right person for your project or open position today.


With over 12 million freelancers, Upwork is the perfect place to hire remote developers who are ready and willing to work with you on your next project. This platform allows you to hire only those candidates that fit your needs (minimum hour requirements), so it's easy to hire an expert without having them turn out substandard work!


If you're looking for an open-source project, GitHub is the perfect place to go! They have a database with developers who are passionate about coding in all areas of expertise. You can post a job listing on their website directly or reach out through social media t hire remote developers.

How do I attract the right talent to my job listing?

Hiring is hard enough as it is, but hiring for a virtual position can be even more difficult! Many people are attached to their home and don't want to relocate or hire someone new who they have never met before - especially if it's over Skype! Be sure to make the hiring process as easy and stress-free for everyone involved by doing these things:

  1. Be transparent - Let your potential hire know exactly what their role will be, how they'll work together with existing team members or clients, and where you see them going in the future. Make it clear from day one that hiring remote developers is not a temporary hire - it's an investment in their future with you!
  2. Be upfront about location - If your hire is going to be working at home, make sure they know this from the start. Be aware that some people are more productive when surrounded by others or work better alone, so let them choose where they would like to work best.
  3. Be flexible - Working remotely shouldn't feel like a job, so hire someone who knows how to set their hours and work when they are most productive. You can hire remote developers without sacrificing your company's needs by allowing them the freedom to make choices that will be best for everyone involved!

What qualities and skills should my hire have?

There are several qualities you should hire for when looking to hire remote developers such as:

  • Creativity - You want your hire to be able to create something new and exciting, so hire someone who knows how to bring ideas from the ground up.
  • Attention to detail - If they make mistakes, it can cost everyone time and money.
  • Accountability - Make sure hires can work independently and take responsibility for their actions.
  • Customer service skills - Hire developers who can answer questions quickly, efficiently, and professionally! The better they are at customer service the faster you'll get your project done.
  • Knowledge of tools used by team members/clients - Make sure hire understands the tools they will be using to communicate with their team or clients.
  • Punctuality - Hire developers who are reliable and on time with their work.
  • Time management skills - Your hire should be able to organize their time effectively so that they can get the most done in a day or week.

How much do I pay for them?

Hiring remote developers doesn't automatically mean you'll be paying them more! Just because they are not in the same location does not make their work worth more. Make sure that your hire is paid an appropriate amount based on years of experience, quality of work, etc.

Remote Developer Salary

If you hire a senior developer with five or more years of experience, they will likely be paid around $75,000 a year.

When you hire remote developers to work with your team from the comfort of their own home it provides several benefits to both party's involved!

You have several options when it comes to paying your hire, so take the time to research what's best for you!

The hire gets paid a fair amount based on their experience level and responsibilities. No need to worry about paying them more because they would have worked in an office or not working enough hours due to distractions at home.

How to hire remote developers?

Hiring remote developers is not always the easiest task! There are many challenges you may come across while hiring, so try these tips to hire easily:

  1. Make your job listing easy for developers to understand by being specific about what they will be doing. This way it doesn't seem like a vague request without much thought put into it.
  2. Make sure hire is a good fit for your organization, as well as the work they'll be doing.
  3. Give them a chance to set their hours and hire based on the quality of work, not quantity. If you hire remote developers who are self-motivated then you will have fewer problems!

Language Barriers

Hire developers who are fluent in your language of choice.

Make sure the hire is committed to the job before hiring them, as well as during their work time!

Be selective about where you hire from - some countries hire more overseas employees than others. Make sure to research each country's employment laws and practices beforehand if this will be an issue.

Identifying Quality Candidates

There are several steps you can take to hire the best remote developers for your organization!

Start by knowing what qualities and skills make a good hire. Then, be sure that your hire can communicate effectively to get quality work done. You also need to hire someone who has good time management skills so they don't end up wasting time.

Finally, hire someone who is accountable for their actions and works independently! This will help you hire the best remote developers to improve your organization's processes overall.


Hiring remote developers can be a tedious process. There are many things to consider before making the hire, including how much you should pay them and what qualities they need to have for your organization to succeed. In this article, we’ve outlined some tips on how you can make sure that your hire can work independently and take responsibility for their actions without becoming distracted at home or not working enough hours due to distractions at home. We recommend reading our article if you want help hiring the best remote developers!