Hire iOS Developers: Use these 11 tips to find the best one

Are you looking for hiring a ios developer? If so, there are many things that you need to consider before making the final decision. There's plenty of competition and it can be difficult to find the perfect fit. This article will give you 11 tips on how to hire an iOS developer!
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last updated on November 13th
Apple is a popular company that makes some of the world's best products. If you have an app idea that needs to be realized, you need to hire an iOS developer!

It can take a while to find the perfect person for hire. In this post, we will give you 11 tips on how to hire the best iOS developer for your organization.

When looking to hire an iOS developer, you're not just hiring someone who knows how to code. You are hiring a team member that is going to be the driving force behind your application's success or failure.

If you hire someone with subpar skills, it will show within weeks of them starting work on your project and can cause serious harm to your company, so it is important that you hire wisely.

To help you find the best candidate for the job without wasting time on inaccurate profiles or meeting candidates that won't fit in culturally at your company, we've put together everything you need to know!

But first, what is iOS?

What Is iOS?

iOS is a mobile operating system that was created by Apple in 2007. It comes pre-installed on iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch devices, making it the second most popular smartphone OS behind Android.

iOS, like Android and Windows Phone, is a proprietary operating system meaning that it can only be used on Apple devices. This makes iOS development an extremely specialized type of programming with only the most dedicated developers wanting to take up this task due to its limitations compared to web-based apps or cross-platform frameworks such as React Native.

what is ios

Job Types

Due to the specialization and limitations of iOS development, there are two main types of developers you will need to hire:

iOS Engineers - If your company is building a native application for iPhones or iPads then you should hire an iOS engineer. This individual must understand how to develop applications that run on Apple devices only a task very different from web development.

They have to deal with Apple's strict policies on native applications, so you will need someone who is not only skilled in building apps but also understands how to work within the limitations of iOS.

iOS Designers - If your company is planning on building an iOS-based app, but doesn't have any engineering resources or is looking for a way to hire someone part-time while focusing on other projects, then you should hire an iOS designer.

This person does not need to know how to code the application itself as they will hire an iOS engineer to do that, but they will design the user interface so you can hire a developer with more experience.

When an iOS Developer Is Needed

There are a variety of reasons you might hire someone to work on your mobile application, but there is a setlist of requirements the person must meet for them to be qualified as an iOS developer:

When an Developer Is Needed

  • The ability to code using Objective C or Swift Programming Language.
  • A good understanding of the iOS SDK and any other custom frameworks that your app may need to integrate with.
  • Knowledge of user interface design for both iPhones and iPads.
  • The ability to create static mockups in Photoshop or Sketch is a plus, but not mandatory as you can hire an iOS designer instead.
  • Knowledge of Xcode, Apple's official IDE for iOS development, is also an advantage but not required as you can hire a developer who specializes in other frameworks or languages if that better fits your needs.
  • Finally, you should hire an iOS developer who is passionate about building your app and will be dedicated to its success.

If you hire someone with subpar skills, it will show within weeks of them starting work on your project and can cause serious harm to your company, so it is important that you hire wisely.

Benefits of Hiring an iOS Developer

Hiring a developer from the Apple ecosystem has its benefits over hiring someone only familiar with web development. Some of these include:

  1. Familiarity with how iPhones and iPads work means they will have experience in building apps for devices that are mostly controlled by touch gestures, limiting the need for screen mockups.
  2. iOS is truly an original product, so developers will understand the Apple way of doing things and how to incorporate that into their applications.
  3. If you hire someone who has already developed apps before then they will usually have a portfolio that shows off past work which can be used as proof of experience in your hiring process.
  4. Another benefit of hiring a developer is that they will understand the Apple ecosystem and how to develop within its limitations.
  5. Hiring anyone is a difficult task, but hiring someone who specializes in their development to one specific platform can be even more so for those not familiar with the differences between iOS and other types of mobile applications.

Drawbacks of Hiring

Drawbacks of Hiring an iOS Developer

Hiring an developer can come with its own set of problems that you should be aware of before making the hire. Some potential drawbacks are:

  1. iOS developers have a stronghold on their market which means they might not want to leave for your company or it could take time before one is found in the first place, both adding cost to your hire.
  2. They are not as abundant as those who specialize in building web applications, so it might take longer to hire one and they can be more expensive than someone with a different background or specialization.
  3. Another drawback is that developers for iOS are usually more expensive than web developers, which means you might have to hire someone who is not as experienced or does not specialize in their development.
  4. Finally, if your hire does not work out for some reason, you will either have to hire someone else or do it yourself.

There are people out there who love Apple and want to make a career in this industry, making them perfect candidates for hire as an iOS developer. If you take the time to hire one of these professionals then it can pay off in the long run by having a product that is built with love.

Finding Candidates

For both types of positions listed above, finding candidates is not easy – especially for engineers. Unlike web developers who come from all sorts of different backgrounds and have degrees in anything from Visual Arts to Computer Science.

Finding Candidates

Want to Hire an iOS Developer?

If you're about to hire an developer, there are some things that you should look for to ensure the best hire possible. These tips include:

  • Hiring someone with a degree can be difficult and expensive so only hire one if they have the practical experience and show evidence of their knowledge through past projects or portfolios.
  • If you hire someone without a degree then consider looking for those who have several years of experience.
  • When hiring, do not hire based on the number of third-party libraries they use in their projects but pay attention to how well these are customized and work with your project.
  • As opposed to hiring someone who has worked for a company in the past, hire someone who is self-employed or works as an independent contractor. When they are their boss then you can be sure that your hire will put in maximum effort when working on your project since it is their main source of income.
  • Finally, hire only someone who specializes in iOS development. This is not to hire for someone with experience in web development or another type of application, so you should hire only if their expertise is specifically related to all things Apple and iPhones.

How and where to Hire iOS developers

Hiring developers specialized in iOS can be difficult, but there are some great resources out there to help you hire the right person for your project. Some of these include:

  1. The best way to hire an iOS developer is through referrals from other clients who have worked with them before and had a good experience that they were happy about hiring this person again in the future.
  2. You also should check out online communities where you can find developers or hire an app developer. These are great places to find people who specialize in the field and have experience with your type of product since it is what they build for others daily.
  3. Finally, some developer job boards like CodeTrails.com allow you to hire developers remotely, which means if you plan well enough you can hire someone for a specific task and pay them after the work has been completed, making this an excellent option if you do not have a lot of cash but need some development done.
  4. Bonus: Social Media can be a great source for hiring developers who will work on your iOS project. You can find people with different backgrounds who are willing to work on your project and pay them after it is completed, which means this works well if you do not have a lot of money but want someone experienced to build something specific.
  5. Special Bonus: use a headhunter if you want to hire a developer. However, make sure that before meeting with anyone they have references from previous clients who are willing to let them use their names for reference.

You can also hire developers through online portals like Upwork and Toptal where there are people around the world looking to work as iOS Developers. You also have other options such as hiring friends or family members to work with you, but this is not always such a great idea.

Crucial interview questions to ask iOS developers

Once you hire an developer, make sure to ask them the following questions before they begin work on your project. These include:

  1. Question: What is your favorite feature of iOS? Possible answer: One of my favorite features is the way that it seamlessly integrates with iCloud, allowing you to access your files on any device.
  2. Question: Where do you see iOS in five years? Possible answer: I believe that Apple will continue growing its presence in the healthcare industry and expand its scope beyond just iPhones into different types of medical equipment like scales or blood pressure monitors.
  3. Question: What has been your greatest development challenge? Possible answer: I would say the biggest challenge was creating an app that worked well on both iPhones and Android phones.
  4. Question: What were the last few apps you have worked on? Possible answer: I just finished creating an app that helps users hire contractors like plumbers or electricians, and before this created a game where people hire mascots for events.
  5. Question: Why do you love working with Apple's products? Possible answer: I have been an Apple user since I was a kid, so I love working with their products because it is second nature to me.
  6. Question: What are some of your hobbies? Possible answer: I am passionate about reading, especially anything related to philosophy. I
  7. Question: Why did you become a developer? Possible answer: I have always been into computers and building stuff, so it just seemed natural to go into a career where you get paid for doing what you love.
  8. Question: Describe a time when you needed more resources to complete a project. What did you do? Possible answer: I once needed more programmers and testers than we originally budgeted for, so I renegotiated with our client to hire more people at the same rate which ended up saving us money in the long run by making sure that everything was tested properly before launch day.
  9. Question: Why should we hire you? Possible answer: I believe that if we work together, you will see me as a valuable member of your team. My passion for development and my focus on product quality has helped the companies I have worked with create innovative products that people love to use.
  10. Question: What is your greatest weakness? Possible answer: Sometimes I spend too much time on small details and lose sight of what we are trying to accomplish with the project, but if you hire me then that will not be a problem as I know how important it is to work well part of a team.
  11. Question: What are you looking for in a job? Possible answer: The most important thing to me is that I get along with my teammates and enjoy what I am working on, so it would be great if the company has a positive culture.
  12. Question: How do you stay up-to-date? Possible answer: Recently, I have been reading about mobile development technologies like React Native because they are becoming more popular in apps.
  13. Question: What are your salary requirements? Possible answer: I am open to negotiating a fair price. But if I had to name a number, I would say about $75,000 for this position.
  14. Question: What is your favorite developer book? Possible answer: My favorite book is "The Mythical Man-Month" by Fred Brooks because it teaches a lot of lessons about team management and software engineering.
  15. Question: What are your career goals? Possible answer: I would love to work as a manager or executive in the future, so being able to hire high quality iOS developers will be crucial for my success since they
  16. Question: What is your biggest achievement? Possible answer: At my last job, I helped create a product that was used by over 100 million people every month. It has been really rewarding to see so many people using something you created and knowing that it makes their life better in some small way.
  17. Question: How would you describe yourself to a stranger at a party? Possible answer: I am an open-minded person who is easy to get along with. I

These are just a few questions you might get asked during a job interview.

What's the salary for iOS Developers in the US?

According to Indeed.com, the average salary for iOS Developers in the US is $105,000 per year. This is a great salary for those who love to work on the latest apps and be part of cutting-edge technology.

If you hire someone with more experience, they might ask for more money.

What's the salary in South America?

In places like Brazil, the salary starts a lot lower at around $44,000 per year. Be aware that there might be some language and cultural barriers you need to deal with when hiring someone from South America. But there are tons of great developers there who are willing to work hard if you hire them.

What's the salary for iOS Developers in India?

In places like India and China, the salary is much lower than what people from countries like Brazil or America might be looking for at around $38,000 per year on average. But that does not mean they are not as good or talented as those from the United States. If you hire someone with a lot of experience then they might ask for more money to make up for all their hard work and dedication.

What's the salary in Europe?

In places like France, the salary is around $65,000 per year. Some developers might also have a strong preference for working in places like Germany or Switzerland where the culture is more relaxed and they can speak German. But it might be harder to hire someone from Europe because there are so many companies fighting over them, making these developers quite expensive compared to those living in South America where the salary is much lower but you will have an easier time hiring them.

What's the salary in Australia?

In places like Australia, the average iOS programmer makes around $90,000 per year with some experience under their belt. But you might have a tough time trying to hire someone from down under since there is an increased demand for developers just about everywhere else globally. T

What's the salary for in Japan?

In places like Japan, the average salary is around $84,000 per year. But again there will be some negotiation involved when it comes to the salary.

What's the salary in Russia?

In places like Russia, the average developer makes around $40,000 per year with some experience under their belt. There might be some language and cultural barriers you need to deal with when hiring someone from Russia.


When looking for an iOS developer, it is important to hire someone who has a lot of experience. You need to hire an expert so that you can work on the latest apps and be part of cutting-edge technology.

The salary range will depend on where they live as well as their level of expertise which could mean higher salaries in countries like Brazil or America compared to other places like Russia or Japan.

Hiring high-quality developers might not always come cheap but there are plenty out there who would love nothing more than to help your company grow through creative design solutions!