Hire Game Developers (Remote or Office based) – 10 Easy Steps

The process of Hiring a Game Developer has some unique challenges, and if done inefficiently can cost you and your organization time and money. Want to know how to hire a Game Developers the right way? Follow these 10 easy steps!
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last updated on November 13th
One of the most challenging tasks for an organization of any size is hiring. Hiring a game developer can be one of the hardest, if not the hardest part to fill in your team.

Finding someone who has both great technical skills and experience with gaming can be difficult. Hiring remotely or office based?

We show you how!

The games of today are not what they used to be. Unlike the days when baby boomers had an Atari or arcade game, Millennials grew up in a digital revolution where everything changed at their fingertips. Be it a PlayStation 4s or a Nintendo Switch for generations Z. Gaming is the new social media.

Nowadays, if you're not on social media playing Candy Crush Soda Saga or Pokémon Go! you're out of the loop. The gaming industry is no longer for kids and teens, it has grown into a $137 billion market with adults who want to play games on their phones every single day.

So to run a successful game company, you need to hire game developers. But hiring a developer is not an easy task; it takes time and effort but if done efficiently can save your organization valuable resources.

To hire a remote game developer, you need to go through a lot of work. Hiring someone in-office is easier because you can see their skills when they are interviewing for the job and when they start working.

On the other hand, it's a tad more difficult to hire some remote developer. It requires more research, phone calls, and uncertainty about who will end up being a good fit.

remote game developer

Should I hire someone who works in our office or remotely?

This is completely up to you, but if you're just starting, hiring someone remotely may be your best bet, because the pool of talent you have access to is pretty endless.

This way you can screen a lot of developers and get a better sense of their work ethic and abilities before committing to an office-based arrangement.

If you're worried about the time it will take for them to complete a task, hiring someone remotely also has its benefits in this regard as well since they'll have more free time on their hands than if they had full-time hours.

CodeTrails.com is a great place to start finding game developers for hire who work remotely since it's simple, easy-to-use, and has extremely talented talent on-demand.

Hiring someone through this site also ensures that you're dealing with professionals who are up to date with the latest development standards & best practices!

Game Development – what is it?

In the world of video games, many steps go into creating a new game.

Game Development

  1. First and foremost is coming up with an idea for the concept - this can be done in any number of ways depending on how complicated or simple you want it to be.
  2. Next comes designing everything from characters down through their interactions within another scenario; one where they're able to interact accordingly as well by means available only at a said period which may have been centuries ago!
  3. Game developers have a variety of options when it comes to gameplay. For example, they can make something like side-to-side 2D games or more immersive first-person shooters with 3D graphics that you would see in an arcade cabinet.
  4. The storyboard is where creative professionals get together and sketch out ideas for characters and scenes involving challenges such as the ones discussed above; these typically involve some kind if puzzle or riddle which needs solving before players progress through their game’s levels (eagerly anticipating what happens next!).
  5. Then, Developers design, build and test a game like no one's business. They work with the mechanics of their creation through programming to make sure you can play it in real life or on your screen for hours at any given time before releasing everything they've got!

What are the tasks of a Game Developer?

Game programmers are vital to the success of any video game. They write code, design games, and test updates for both front-end (front end) or back-end (back).

Back End Programmers work on different parts such as data structures & algorithms while Front End Developers focus more heavily on visuals like player's graphics rendering systems; physics engines; input systems with animations, etc.

man video games
Some popular languages used by these professionals include C# (.NET), JavaScript/JQuery(Web Development)-which works well cross-platform but JS can run faster than CSS3 due to its recursion capabilities among others); Python 2&Python 3 -used primarily within scientific fields.

The vast majority of AAA video games are coded in C++.

Java is a great choice. It's powerful, versatile, and second only to C++ in terms of power among all programming languages!

However, with its similarities to JavaScript/HTML5, it can be easy enough that even beginners will benefit from learning how.

Games are no longer just games, they're an art form that requires innovative technology and creativity. Some modern-day video game coders use popular engines while others create their customized engines for the specific needs of each title - some even collaborate on these projects!

The Dunia Game Engine was created alongside its very first commercial-quality PC release to provide users with cutting-edge graphics capabilities not found anywhere else at the time (and still haven't since).

The Hiring process

When you're looking for developers to hire, it's best to start with remote freelancers.

Why? Because they have the skills and experience necessary – but don't want or need full-time positions that often come attached with benefits like health insurance, matching 401(k) plans, and paid time off.

You can find developers online by searching through sites like CodeTrails, Upwork, or Freelancer where there are thousands of them waiting to bid on your project!

Hiring video game programmers allows you more freedom in terms of cost control since you aren't limited to hiring someone within driving distance from the office.

unity programmer

Hire a unity programmer

Hiring a Unity programmer is a good choice for small indie developers since it's one of the easiest platforms to develop with!

This allows you to be flexible in hiring based upon what type of developer best suits your needs while keeping costs down by working remotely. Working from home just makes sense when you're not limited by geographical location!

If you're looking to keep your game development costs down, Hiring Unity developers is the right choice for you.

Hire someone who can build realistic water effects with high-quality physics simulation, or hire a programmer that has the skills necessary to create low-poly characters and animate them using Mecanim animation tools. Hire someone who can develop a custom level editor, or hire an artist that specializes in creating effects using shaders and particle systems!

Hiring Unity developers is the best way to save time & money on your project without sacrificing quality!!

Why Hiring Game programmers?

If you're into creating games, then you already know the answer. Hiring a developer enables you to make your ideas come alive in ways that may have seemed impossible before!

  • Not only can they work on an existing project, but help build it from scratch as well or sometimes even improve upon what's out there currently if possible - essentially bringing any idea of yours to life!
  • Some game developers are even in charge of creating new titles that can be used to generate revenue or simply just for fun. This means the possibilities when it comes to game development are endless.
  • A developer can work on updating existing projects, fix bugs and glitches (e.g., Dragon Age: Inquisition), add completely new features (e.g., The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim), or even create a whole new installment from scratch (e.g., Fallout New Vegas).
  • For this to happen, they must have the following skillset-and more!


Skills to look for when hiring

  • First and foremost, you'll need someone who can work with their team(s) throughout different stages. They need to be highly organized and able to schedule tasks in a way that benefits the team.
  • Look for someone who loves games and is dedicated to making them a reality. They should be passionate about their work and care enough to make sure everything they do is perfect before releasing it out into the world!
  • You'll also want someone who can create, test, debug (find errors) and improve upon existing code skills that will help with development time in addition to making projects more efficient and organized.
  • It's also good if they understand the basics of psychology, design elements (elements), animation principles, data structures/algorithms-skills that will allow them to be in control of everything from models & animations to how levels are designed within a given title!
  • Good communication skills and time management is vital when it comes to making deadlines or delivering projects before their due date-this also includes good listening skills as well!
  • A knack for problem-solving will come in handy when working with other developers on any given day. Game development is not an easy job, but it can be done by teams that work well together!
  • You also need to make sure they have a good knowledge of the industry's current events, tools, and technologies. This ensures that they can provide their input when needed or even keep up-to-date with what may be new shortly so you won't run into any issues later on down the road.
  • Many game app and mobile game developers also specialize in various roles such as Level Designers, Gameplay/Gameplay Programmers, and Technical Artists. Hiring a remote developer with this specific skill set will save you time from having to hire multiple people for the same job!

Finally, the most important skill to look for when hiring a game developer-the desire to learn new things and continuously improve themselves as time goes on. Hiring someone with these qualities will ensure you won't need to hire anyone else in the future.

The different Roles

There are three different occupations:

  1. The software engineers are the ones who create and maintain all of your game's code. They work with others on what is called "code-base" which includes everything from how an object moves in 3D space, down to individual lines or symbols within programs needed for gameplay like numbers that represent Xs so players know when they've reached 0 hit points (HP).
  2. A game's content creators are a collection of 2D artists, animators, 3D modelers, and musicians who work to make the world more marketable. They ensure that all elements within their games look good enough so players want them - from characters down to sound effects or score pieces for example! A successful video game relies heavily on its creatives because it takes complex stories told with dynamic visuals for people to be engaged by what they see on screen while playing through levels as well as have fun doing so without becoming bored quickly if things aren't being paced correctly. Gamemakers also rely heavily upon excellent voice acting which can help bring immersion into even an alternate universe setting when done right
  3. Game designers have a lot of work ahead of them to see their vision come true. They first need creative input and then collaborate with software engineers, who are responsible for designing the technical aspects behind it all!

How much does it cost to hire a game developer?

Dvelopers working on games are known for being highly paid-and this is something that will only continue to grow as the years go on!

  • According to recent data, game devs in most countries can expect around $60k-$75k annually.
  • Some of the highest salaries offered were between $110k -$150k+ per year depending upon experience level, location, and the company they are working for.
  • Some countries like Russia offer about $100k+ annually-which is something to take into consideration if you're willing to hire someone located there!

The best advice when it comes to hiring a remote game developer? Hire them in your local country or region since this will be a lot easier and more convenient for you!


Hiring a developer for your next video game can be an overwhelming task, but CodeTrails.com has made it easy to find the perfect person for your team in just 10 steps! All you have to do is go through our checklist and take note of what skills are needed.

CodeTrails will then help match you with qualified people who fit your criteria so that when you hire someone, they're right for the job from day one. So if hire game developer who work remotely sounds like something that might interest you, head over today and get started on finding them now.