Creating a New Project

Signing up for Codetrails Error Analytics automatically creates a single project for you. But if you prefer a more fine-grained structure, you can always create more projects (provided your plan’s limits are not exceeded).

Step 1: Create New Project

To create a new project, click on the Projects item in the top menu bar. This takes you to the projects Overview page. Here, click on the New Project button.

create new project button.png

This creates a new project, which you now customize to your liking.

Step 2: Customize Project Description

Every project has a Name, a Description, and a Short Label. These are used in different places throughout the Codetrails Error Analytics user interface. Supply appropriate values for each:

create new project general panel.png

Step 3: Assign Project Packages

Each project in Codetrails Error Analytics encompasses code in one or more (Java) packages. To enable your Codetrails Error Analytics service to automatically assign new problems to the correct project at fault, you need to tell it which packages at part of the newly created project.

To do so, click Add Prefix and add one or more package prefixes.

create new project packages panel.png
A configured project package assigns this package and all subpackages to the project in question unless another project has a more specific package prefix configured.

That’s It

Once you have saved your changes, your new project is ready to receive error reports.

Of course, you can further customize your project, e.g., by adding charts and queries to the project dashboard or by adding an email digest.

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