Adding a Problem Workflow Action

Although Codetrails Error Analytics comes with a default set of problem workflow actions, you may wish to add new ones.

To do so, go to the Settings > Triaging Workflows page and find the Workflow Actions panel.

Only organization administrators may add or edit workflow actions.

Step 1: Create a New Workflow Action

As an example, let us create a “Fix in Testing” workflow action. This is useful when you have shipped an update which you are not 100% sure that it will fix the problem for all users.

Click on Add Workflow Action.

Give the newly created workflow action a name. It should be concise so that reviewers will recognize it when they see it in a problem‘s top menu bar. For this example, let us use “Fix in Testing”.

Next, provide a longer description that explains in detail what this workflow action does and when to use it. This description is shown to reviewers executing the workflow action.

Select a status and resolution the problem should be set to when executing the workflow. In this example we choose a status of Closed and a resolution of Fixed.

Select the Ask for Comment check box to give reviewers the opportunity to explain to reporters in what version the update is available and how to update.

As we assume the problem to be fixed when this workflow action is executed, we do not require further information from reporters. Thus, we don’t set any Needinfos and leave the Allow Customizing Needinfos checkbox empty.

add workflow action main.png
Figure 1. A new workflow action

Step 2: Choose Reopen Options

In case that the update does not really fix the problem, the problem should be reopened once it occurs again. However, as many clients will not immediately update to the newest version of your software, the problem should only be reopened when it occurs in a bundle version that contains the fix.

We can configure this in the Reopen on New Incident With Bundle combo box. We want to enforce a strict policy so that reviewers always have to configure this reopen option when executing the “Fix in Testing” workflow action. Reviewers executing this workflow action are then required to supply the last bundle version known to contain the problem.

Whenever you enable a reopen condition, you need to supply another pair of status and resolution to which the problem is set once it is reopened. In this example we choose a status of Open and a resolution of Unresolved.

add workflow action reopen.png
Figure 2. Reopen conditions

That’s It

Once you have saved your changes, your new workflow action is ready to be executed by reviewers.

add workflow action dialog.png
Figure 3. The new workflow action as seen by reviewers

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