Adding Searchable Additional Information

To add additional information to your error reports that reviewers can search for, you must first define a Needinfo value.

Step 1: Create Needinfo

To do so, go to the Settings > Triaging Workflows page and find the Needinfos panel. Click on Add Needinfo and enter a name for the Needinfo. Note that the name must be an all-lowercase alphanumeric value with dashes as separators. Make sure to select the Searchable checkbox, then click Save to store your changes.

add needinfo.png

Step 2: Send Additional Information with Error Reports

If your existing error reports already include additional information with the name of the newly created Needinfo, Codetrails Error Analytics will aggregate the values automatically and allow reviewers to search for them.

How to send additional information along with your error reports depends on the client you are using. For example, when using Logback logging, additional information can be sent easily by only adding a few lines to the logback.xml file.

Step 3: Review Additional Information

Reviewers can view submitted additional information for both individual incidents and for problems. When looking at an incident, the Additional Information panel shows the values of every submitted additional information.

When reviewing a problem, the Additional Information panel shows how many of its incidents included any value for each Needinfo. For every searchable Needinfo, you can expand its entry to see every transmitted value and how often it was reported. Click on any of the linked Needinfos or values to get a list of the matching incidents.

add needinfo problem aggregation.png

Step 4: Search for Additional Information

You can search for incidents or problems that contain any additional information. For example, in the Incidents view click on Filter Incidents and select the Additional Information query clause. Choose your newly created Needinfo then click on Search.

The incidents will be filtered so that only those remain that include this Needinfo. When performing the same search in the Problems view, all problems will remain that have at least one incident with any value for that Needinfo.

add needinfo search.png

Note that you can use the Additional Information query clause to check for the existence of any value even if the Needinfo was not configured to be searchable.

To search for particular values of additional information, you can use the Additional Information Value query clause. Select your newly created Needinfo and enter a search term that matches submitted values. Note that your input has to match a value exactly, including casing. However, you can use a * wildcard to do prefix matching. Click on Search to filter the listing.

If you are filtering incidents, all incidents that remain will have the selected additional information with a matching value. If you are filtering problems, all remaining problems will have at least one incident where the selected additional information matches your input.

add needinfo search value.png

Note that unlike the Additional Information query clause, Additional Information Value only allows you to search for additional information that was marked as searchable.

As with all query clauses, you can combine the Additional Information and Additional Information Value clauses with any other to find exactly what you are looking for.

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