Adding an Email Digest

To add a email digest to a project or project group, visit the appropriate dashboard and click Edit Project or Edit Project Group, respectively. In the Email Digests panel, then click Add Digest. Next, you need to decide on the contents of the digest and how often it should be send.

As an example, suppose you are interested in a daily email to your developer mailing list that lists all problems that were reported for the first time since the last email digest.

First, select an Interval of Daily and enter an appropriate Subject for your digest email. Next, set your developer mailing list as Recipients.

Now, you need to configure the actual content of the email digest. Each email starts with an (optional) Lead In, one or more Sections, and an (optional) Lead Out. While lead in and lead out are static, the problems listed in each section are dynamically selected by a query, the Condition.

For our example, you will need only a single such section:

add email digest configuration.png

Note that we have configured a limit of 10 problems for this section (Limit to). If more than 10 problems match the condition, the newest problems are shown (Sorted by).

Once you have saved you changes, Codetrails Error Analytics will send your new email digest once per day.

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