Adding a Dashboard Query

Adding a dashboard query to a project or project group is easy.

Suppose that every week you reserve some time to scan the new problems that Codetrails Error Analytics caught for you in the past week. You thus regularly search for new problems that first occurred within the last seven days.

Let’s turn this search into a fixture on your project’s dashboard. To do so, visit the project’s dashboard and click Edit Project. In the Dashboard Queries panel you can then add (and name) your query. In this example, the query consists of two clauses: One clause restricts the query to problems created within the last week. Another clause further restricts it to problems which are still UNCONFIRMED.

add dashboard query.png
Figure 1. Adding a dashboard query

That’s it! Once you have saved your changes, the query is accessible directly from the project’s dashboard for you and your team mates.

add dashboard query result.png
Figure 2. The new dashboard query in action

And, of course, you can also add queries to the dashboard of a whole project group; just click Edit Project Group on a group’s dashboard and proceed as before.

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