Adding a Dashboard Chart

You can add charts to the dashboards of both projects and project groups. To do so, visit the dashboard and click Edit Project or Edit Project Group, respectively.

Step 1: Add a Chart

In the Dashboard Charts panel, you then have to click Add Chart and choose from the offered chart types.

add dashboard chart types.png

Step 2: Configure a Query

As an example, suppose you are interested in the status of problems which have been created within the last month. To select these problems, you need to add a query to the chart. All problems from among the problems assigned to the project or project group in question that match this query then form the basis of your chart..

In our example, this query has to select the problems whose creation date is at most one month in the path. Thus, click Add Clause, and configure an appropriate Created on clause:

add dashboard chart configuration.png

As a finishing touch, don’t forget to give your chart a meaningful Title under which it will be shown on the dashboard.

That’s it

You can now enjoy your new dashboard chart:

add dashboard chart result.png

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