Problem Workflow Actions

While reviewers can change any property of a problem individually, most of the time they do so in one of a few distinct patterns. For example, after fixing a problem, its status and resolution should be set to appropriate values, an auto action should be created to automatically reopen the problem should it occur again, and a resolution comment should inform reporters about the version in which the problem was fixed.

When setting these properties individually, it is easy to forget one or to choose values that don’t adhere to your organization’s standards. This where problem workflow actions com in; they allow reviewers to quickly set the correct values as used in your organization, prompting them only to provide helpful additional information.

Workflow actions can only be executed on problems that are not linked to a bug, as workflow actions might set property values that are not available in your bug tracker.

Executing a Workflow Action

To execute a workflow action, go to a problem’s details page and select an appropriate workflow from the top menu bar.

Workflow actions are specific to your organization; you may have different workflow actions available to you.
workflow actions action bar.png

This opens the workflow action dialog which explains what it does and may ask you to configure it further. In this example, you are asked to provide a comment and conditions when to automatically reopen the problem.

workflow actions dialog.png

After you are satisfied with your configuration, click on Yes to execute the workflow action. This will set the correct property values as defined by the workflow and your input.

Any previously configured auto actions for this problem are replaced.

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