Reporter Update Emails

This feature is not available in all plans.

With Codetrails Error Analytics, you can keep your users informed about the status of all problems they reported.

All you need is Codetrails Error Analytics’s versatile auto actions. To inform your users about any problem they reported that were closed in the last 24 hours, for example, define the following auto action at either the Project or Project Group level.

reporter update emails auto action.png

The above auto action is executed if the problem’s status or resolution field have changed in the last 24 hours (1 day) and if their new values are Closed (Status) and Fixed, Duplicate, or Invalid (Resolution), respectively.

At the moment, problem updates can only be sent daily. Thus, the Field changes condition clause should match changes in the last day (after -1d).

For every problem matching the condition, an email will be sent to all reporters who have reported the problem in question. This email will inform your users not only about the problem’s new Status or Resolution, but also about other information pertaining to it: The project(s) at fault, a linked bug in your bug tracker, any client-side error analyses you requested (needinfo), or a custom comment from you for your users (resolutionNotes).

reporter update emails mail preview.png

This email will be sent to all reporters of a problem who have provided an email address along with their error report. Like other email digests, it can of course be customized; any organization administrator can change the Problem Updates Template under Settings > Email Digests.

The Inform reporters about changed fields action requires you to select the fields that should be included in the email. If, for example, your bug tracker isn’t publicly available, you can leave the bug field unselected to not tell reporters which Bug the problem was linked to, whether it changed in the last 24 hours or not.

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