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Dashboards for your projects and project groups are a great way to get a quick overview of a project or an entire project group: Dashboard charts visualize your projects’ state or progress, whereas dashboard queries give you quick access to frequently used queries.

Dashboard Charts

Codetrails Error Analytics offers numerous chart types. Be it a simple pie chart or an elaborate scatter plot, this multitude of chart types offers something for everyone, from quality engineers and developers to project leads and product managers.

If you are a quality engineer tasked with triaging incoming problems, the Problem Statuses pie chart is the perfect starting point for your task. It tells you exactly how many problems with an UNCONFIRMED status there are for you to work on.

dashboards statuses pie chart top.png

Clicking on the corresponding slice of the pie chart immediately takes you to the Top 20 problems with this status. This allows you to quickly see which problems affect the most users, so that you can triage those first.

dashboard statuses pie chart bottom.png

If you are a developer, you use the Problem Statuses pie chart similarly to your colleagues in quality engineering, to quickly get at the NEW problems that trouble your users the most.

If you are a project lead and your developers have been busy fixing problems, then the Open/Closed Problems timeline chart is the perfect tool to monitor their progress. It not only shows you how many problems have been closed, but also how many new problems your users have opened in the meantime.

dashboards open closed timeline chart.png

This allows you to see emerging trends, be they positive or negative, and to promptly react.

If you are a product manager overseeing multiple projects, then the Projects Activity scatter plot how your projects perform. At a glance, you not only can see which projects are struggling with a large number of open problems, but you can also assess the crucial ratio between open and closed problems, which indicates overload.

dashboards projects activity scatter.png

As you can see, Codetrails Error Analytics offers chart types for every user and use case.

Want to do further analysis? You can always export the charts’ raw data as .tsv.

Dashboard Queries

In addition to dashboard charts, you can define dashboard queries, which will be presented prominently on the project’s dashboard. This gives you easy access to those problems you want to keep an eye on at regular intervals.

dashboards queries.png
Figure 1. The New Last Week query showing no new problems.
You can make your favorite project’s dashboard your Project Startpage in your Settings. Whenever you log in, your dashboard is right there.

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