Bug Tracker Integration

This feature is not available in all plans.

Often, teams already use a bug tracker, in which they collect bug reports and which is part of their established workflow.

Fortunately, Codetrails Error Analytics seamlessly integrates with such an existing bug tracker, be it Bugzilla, GitHub, or JIRA: Incoming error reports are received by the Codetrails Error Analytics service, where they can be triaged by a reviewer. If the reviewer decides that a problem is indeed a bug, she can open a bug in the bug tracker.

bug tracker integration create bug.png

This bug report includes all important information about where the problem occured and in what environment.

bug tracker integration dialog.png

From there on, developers can follow their normal workflow.

But the integration between Codetrails Error Analytics and your bug tracker is not a one-way street. Whenever a change is made to the bug’s status or resolution in the bug tracker, this change is automatically reflected in Codetrails Error Analytics. The two thus always stay in-sync.

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