Automated Actions

Automated Actions (or auto actions for short) are small commands which are automatically performed by your Codetrails Error Analytics instance whenever the state of a problem changes. Such state changes happen, e.g., when a new error report for the problem in question is received.

Auto actions assist you with the chore of triaging problems. Here’s how:

Suppose your team has fix a problem in your software and you have rolled out the new version. Great! The problem should hence not reappear again. But what if it does? With an appropriate auto action, you can automatically reopen the problem if it still occurs in the new version; there’s no need to manually scan incoming reports to see if the problem rears its ugly head again.

Automated Actions can be added to three different scopes: to project groups, to projects, and to individual problems. The first two scopes (project group, project) allow you to automate your projects' workflow, e.g., by automatically escalating a problem if it was reported by a large number of users. The third scope (problem) allow you to automate tasks like reopeing a problem if its still occurs in newer versions.

auto actions reopen problem.png
Figure 1. An auto action to automatically reopen a problem presumed to be fixed

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