Server Features

The Codetrails Error Analytics Server is your central tool to review and triage all error reports sent by your users using, e.g., the Eclipse IDE Client.

Easy Triaging

Triaging and fixing bugs is hard work, but the Codetrails Error Analytics Server makes this as easy as possible. Its advanced duplicate detection algorithms, optimized for Eclipse, ensure that you don’t have to review dozens of the reports of the same underlying problem one by one. And if reports do not contain enough information to reproduce a problem, you can always request information from reporters; then, the next user facing this problem can provide the missing information.

The lightweight bug tracker built into in the Codetrails Error Analytics Server makes it easy to track your progress fixing a problem. But of course, if you are already using an external tracker, you can rely on the server’s excellent bug tracker integration as well.


The Codetrails Error Analytics Server can automate many routine tasks for you. Each incoming error report is automatically assigned to the project most likely at fault for the problem. Custom problem workflow actions then allow you to quickly change the problem’s status according to your workflow. And automated actions even allow you to automatically react to status changes. Finally, problem bulk editing makes it easy to manually change large numbers of problems at once.

Reporting & Data Analysis

To ease reporting and data analysis, each configured project or project group has its own dashboard full of highly customizable charts and queries. Regular email digests keep you and your team informed about changes. Both dashboards and digests are powered by the Codetrails Error Analytics Server’s powerful search capabilities, which you can also use for some quick manual data analysis.

Reporter Feedback

The Codetrails Error Analytics Server excels at providing feedback to the users who reported errors to you. Custom status messages can point your users to updates and workarounds. In the meantime, reporter update emails keep your users informed about any progress on the problems they reported. And the personal submission pages allow users to bookmark their problems and even add additional information or attachments later on.

User Management

Single sign-on makes logging into the Codetrails Error Analytics Server easy. Once logged in, role-based views present reporters and reviewers with exactly the information they are privy to.


Like the Eclipse IDE Client, the Codetrails Error Analytics Server offers various branding options to ensure that users immediately associate the service with your software or company. And if none of the existing clients fits your needs, the server’s REST API allows you to implement your own.

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