Error Notifications

The Eclipse IDE Client guides the user through the entire error reporting process. Whenever an error has occurred, the client will notify the user in an unobtrusive fashion:

notifications new error.png

Sending an error report to the Codetrails Error Analytics server requires a single click only. But it is just as easy to supply a detailed comment about the circumstances in which the error occurred. In fact, if the user encounters a problem that others have already reported but which the developers weren’t able to reproduce yet, the developers can explicitly ask for the necessary information:

notifications needinfo error.png

Should the user decide to help out the developers, it’s very convenient to do so. Client-side error analyses can even collect most information automatically. All this is of course subject to anonymization options to prevent the sent report from leaking confidential information.

notifications details.png

Once the error report has been sent, the user will receive immediate feedback along with a pointer to a personal submission page to contribute even more information or to check on the problem’s status.

The Eclipse IDE Client is included in all major Eclipse packages since Eclipse 4.6 (Neon). Consult the integration guide to learn how to connect an existing Eclipse plug-in to your Codetrails Error Analytics Server.

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