Client-Side Error Analyses

In addition to an exception’s stacktrace and involved bundles, clients of the Codetrails Error Analytics Server may send additional information along with the error report to further help you triage the problem. Such additional information may be, for example, the user’s preferences.

Additional information is automatically collected by an extensible set of client-side error analyses; the user needs to do nothing besides consenting to the additional information being sent.

client side error analyses send dialog.png
Figure 1. Sending an error report with two client-side analyses selected: Extended Classpath Analysis and Installed Features

Available Analyses

client side error analyses analyze wiring.svg Extended Classpath Analysis

This analysis helps you to get to the bottom of a reported LinkageError, NoClassDefFoundError, or ClassNotFoundException. Without information about the bundles exact classpath, these problems are notoriously hard to diagnose.

client side error analyses installed bundles.svg Installed Bundles

This analysis provides you with a complete list of installed bundles and their current resolution state.

client side error analyses installed features.svg Installed Features

This analysis provides you with a complete list of installed features.

client side error analyses system properties.svg System Properties

This analysis provides you with a complete list of the system properties currently set.

client side error analyses user preferences.svg User Preferences

This analysis provides you with a complete list of Eclipse preferences as set by the user.

The set of client-side analyses is extensible. If you require specialized information to successfully triage a problem, there’s always the option to ship your special client-side error analysis with your software. All that is required is an extension of the org.eclipse.epp.logging.aeri.ide.processors extension point.

At the moment, only the Eclipse IDE Client supports client-side analyses.

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