Anonymization Options

The Eclipse IDE Client takes the user’s privacy seriously. As both the message and stack trace contained in an error report may disclose confidential information, the Eclipse IDE Clients gives users the option to anonymize them.

anonymization options configure dialog.png
Figure 1. Configuring anonymization options

The anonymize package, class, and method names option hides the internals of third-party plug-ins the user may have installed. All the names from your plug-ins and their dependencies will still be send in the clear, as these are necessary for you to diagnose the problem.

The anonymize error log messages option prevents the accidental disclosure of sensitive user names or file system paths.

Both anonymization options can be switched on and off on a case by case basis. This allows the users to protect their privacy while still giving developers as much information as possible to fix the problem.

anonymization options send dialog.png
Figure 2. Configuring anonymization options per error report

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