Eclipse IDE Client Features

If you are writing Eclipse plug-ins and are using the Codetrails Error Analytics Server, then the Eclipse IDE Client is the perfect client for you.

The Eclipse IDE client's welcome notification

All recent packages of the Eclipse IDE (Eclipse 4.6 or later; released in June 2016) include it, but it is compatible with many more versions of the Eclipse IDE (4.3 or later).

The Eclipse IDE Client is easy to set up and integrate with existing Eclipse plug-ins. Moreover, you will get numerous features out of the box:

Rich User Experience

The Eclipse IDE Client offers a rich user experience: As soon as an error occurs, the user will receive an error notification. Once an error report has been submitted, the user will receive immediate feedback.

Detailed Error Reports

The Eclipse IDE Client makes it easy for a user to submit an detailed error report that contains everything necessary to reproduce and fix the problem. The user can add a user comment to the report and run automatic client-side error analyses, which further enrich the report with information about the execution environment in which the error occurred. But of course, all this is governed by anonymization options to protect the users privacy.


The Eclipse IDE Client is not only easy to set up, it is also easy to customize. In conjunction with the Codetrails Error Analytics Server, auto-configuration ensures that users will only be notified about the errors you are actually interested in. And various branding options ensure that the user immediately associates these notifications with your software or company.

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