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About us

Finding a website builder is easy these days. But finding one that can build an e-commerce store from scratch and maintain it? That part might be tough to do nowadays in this day of technological advancement! At eScale, we don’t just build websites. We are an agency that designs for growth and our clients know it because they come back again and again in search of a company that will take their business from good to great with cutting-edge technology solutions tailored around their needs as customers change rapidly every day on the internet Ecommerce web design is not one thing – it's many things: some companies create stores with static product pages while others think outside the box by giving audiences more interactivity through live streaming video chats or virtual reality tours eScale is looking for an eCommerce-focused developer to join our team. We help make your business grow by building custom experiences and performing ongoing CRO which has mad.....

About us

Carted is a company on a mission to make commerce seamless. They empower developers with their single API and connect them to millions of merchants, all through an online marketplace that spans the globe! Cartes' founders are based out of San Francisco. If you're someone who's passionate about software engineering or e-commerce then this could be just what you're looking for. We've been solving problems since the day we opened Carted. From captchas to scaling up to handle insane RPS, there's always something new for us in this industry of ours! If you have a good Github or LinkedIn account, we will follow up with an online coding test and let you know the result immediately.


You need to be able to Write awesome scalable Go code.


Do you want to be a rock star developer? We need awesome scalable Go code and Build the world's most powerful commerce API!.....

The opportunity

As our new remote Software Engineer, we want you to build the future of home buying with us. Would this be an exciting role for someone in your network? Our company is looking for senior software engineers who can lead our team and power that much-anticipated global industry worth trillions! We're offering a competitive salary coupled with equity incentives, so what are we waiting on?!

About us?

Our team is excited to tackle the complexity of home lending. We care deeply about collaboration, very open communication so that no matter what happens we can learn from our decisions quickly and have fun while doing it! Loans are usually complicated and time-consuming, but LoanCrate has made them easy. We were tired of having to deal with old software that didn't work for us or our customers so we created a new mortgage lending platform built on modern technologies which solve all these problems in one swoop - making home buying simpler for everyone inv.....

About Us

KubeSphere, a company that builds cloud-native technologies to help people build their software more efficiently on any public or private cloud, has been gaining popularity in China. They are looking for an open-source citizen who can join them as they strive to make these innovative products globally! If you yearn to explore new frontiers, are passionate about the open-source movement, and enjoy learning from your peers in a fast-paced environment where solutions come together quickly with cloud-native technologies then this may be just what you're looking for. We move quickly but still confidently - we hope that our team members have enough time on their hands so they don't feel overwhelmed by it all! KubeSphere provides an architecture that allows third-party applications to be seamlessly integrated into the ecosystem. We are a distributed operating system for cloud-native application management that uses Kubernetes as its kernel plugging in developers wi.....

About Opal

We want to make your digital life more balanced, so we developed Opal. The full-stack team developed this app for people who are always on the go - because you never know when boredom will set in! You can use it anytime and anywhere without having to worry about what's happening behind screens or whether they're distracting us from real-life adventures. We've raised $5m+ since launching just one month ago; investors love our strategy of helping users save time while developing healthy relationships with technology through a product design that doesn't require much input by developers themselves (we take care of all those JavaScript needs).

Recent projects

The Full-Stack JavaScript team is constantly working on exciting new projects. Some of these we've already talked about in a previous video, but here's an update for those who haven't seen it yet: Creating ElasticBeanstalk environments in AWS - Setting up user accounts is another piece that comes int.....

About us

We're excited about our innovative solutions that are environmentally friendly and support social transformation. Our team of experts is constantly working on new ways to help people grow their businesses, pass trust along the entire value chain and access these advancements for themselves as well! In addition to designing and operating leading digital payment solutions, our company is committed as well to making them environmentally friendly. They're widely accessible so that everyone can use them regardless if you have a bank account or not! And lastly, we support social transformation by funding projects focused on poverty alleviation all over the world because sustainable economic growth starts from within outwards motion We're a worldwide leader in secure payments, trusted transactions, and the digital revolution. We are at the forefront of change through our innovative solutions that support sustainable economic growth while also being environmentally fri.....

About You

Our development team is a busy, energetic bunch. We have our hands in every aspect of the process from infrastructure to product and everything between! If you're looking for more information on what we do then check out this blog article: https://tech.channable .com/ or take some time to explore our open source work at Github- it'll give you an inside view into how all three departments come together while working side by side. You as our new remote front-end developer are responsible for building an intuitive application that our customers use to automate their digital marketing. You'll collaborate with Channels and developers on the team as we work together, learning all about what goes into making a web app like this one possible! Are you looking for a part-time job or full-time? We have positions available. Do your visa qualifications allow it, but the Netherlands is home! Contact us now so we can talk about what's best suited to help make this move.....


Stable Kernel is a company that builds custom software for Fortune 500 companies. We are headquartered in Atlanta, GA and our teams work with big brands to build future-focused solutions from problems identified today StableKernel’s product architects strategize the unknown space between an already defined problem so clients can have stability on what they need next Stable Kernel is committed to building an inclusive, diverse company. We celebrate all forms of diversity and do not discriminate based on anyone's race or religion; be they single-gender role orientation (straight), married without kids; disability status -- if you have a service dog that helps with your walking needs then let us know! All are welcome at Stables Kernels as long as given equal treatment by our practice.

Software Engineer

Remote Full Stack Software Engineers have the opportunity to learn new technologies, make decisions that shape a product ro.....

About us

We've been there before. We know what it feels like to scale up quickly and get started with production but then hit a snag when things go wrong - usually because we underestimated how difficult the task would be for our small team. We're the same group that built scalable infrastructure at companies like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Bebo Software Inc., Embark PTE LTD among others; so if this sounds interesting let’s chat!

About you

We're looking for a remote Engineer for Infrastructure Innovation. You want to make things happen, and you're not afraid of ambitious goals. You love the idea that with your skillset anything is possible!

The Role

Innovating is your job. You'll have the freedom to create, build and test new features that will transform how startups do business forever! It may seem like 90% of what you do are maintenance tasks but don't worry - innovation only happens in those precious few free cycles so take advantage by being .....

About the Position

We at Company know you're a valuable asset to our team. We want the best people possible, and we offer an excellent salary with benefits too! The position is yours if: 1) You have strong problem-solving skills or leadership qualities; 2) Want work on cutting edge IT/Cyber challenges? Send us your resume today so we can start recruiting from here – it will be worth all those years in college tuition when they say “I did this…” This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join our team and help us grow. We're looking for someone who can take on any task, no matter how difficult it may be! This position requires the right person with strong decision-making skills as well as periodic travel (up until 25%) that will include client meetings or work assignments around the country - both domestically and internationally. In addition, you must meet US Citizen. You'll have the opportunity to meet with clients, vendors, and in-house personnel while also l.....