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About Rollbar

With more than 100,000 developers worldwide using our product to innovate faster and decrease time-to-market while maintaining best-in-class customer experience - it's easy for us at Rollbar not only to maintain but also improve on this success every day. We are a team of 70+ engineers based out of San Francisco with employees spread across Europe including Spain where they help hundreds upon thousands of local companies create beautiful user experiences through websites or apps that run quickly without flaws when experiencing traffic spikes thanks largely due to their innovative backend service. Rollbar is a rockstar of an engineering tool that powers some of the best teams in this industry, including Twilio to help their customers reach peak performance. We believe that a culture of agility is what will help our team succeed. We're always looking for ways to be more agile, and with this in mind, we've recently changed some workflows so they can better.....
About us Tucows, a Canadian company that started out as just one website in 1993 and has since grown into many domains. They have mobile apps for your phone or tablet too! Looking for a new challenge? Working from anywhere you can make connections with the world is what we do here. No matter where in time/space our employees are, working together has made this company thrive! We believe that respect, trust, and flexibility are the basis for any productive work environment. That's why we're proud to offer remote-first positions! Close to 1.000 people work in over 16 time zones to help us make the Internet better. If this sounds like your cup of tea (and let's be honest - who doesn't want coffee?), then get excited! That’s why you need to work with us. As an Intermediate remote Perl Software Developer, your skills will be put on display in our company's new product development process and toolchain infrastructure!


WORKING AT REBILLY We know that you want the best for your future and we're going to give it everything we have. Rebilly offers a competitive salary, training, and development programs with on-site support from our experts when needed as well! You'll also get birthday lunches delivered straight into work each year plus free computer usage throughout all of North America or anywhere else if desired--just set up some meetings over Skype so teams can sync better while working remotely together too!. Rebilly offers competitive salaries, training, and development opportunities with the option to work anywhere you want as a fully remote employee. They also provide birthday lunch baskets for their staff members which are great incentives! You might be thinking to yourself that this organization is different than what you’re used to, but don't worry! Our organizational structure may differ and so do the people in Rebill. But we think some of your favorite things abo.....

About us

Redflag AI is taking the potential of machine learning to new heights. Our products are focused on connecting campaigns, businesses, and individuals with audiences that matter most them - without all those other noise Red Flag AI helps you connect your audience faster by removing search engines' limitations so they can find what it's worth their time Red flag Artificial Intelligence (RFAI) specializes in developing artificial intelligence technologies for human consumption through machine learning algorithms that detect patterns from large volumes of data sets across many different domains including finance & economics but also health care amongst others When prejudice and misinformation spread on social media, it can have a huge impact. Redflag's software is capable of covering the full scope of video, audio, image-based conversations across the internet to reveal what people think about public reaction or site content - without having any human interventi.....

The Opportunity

The Coda Collection is an on-demand streaming service that brings the stories of songs to life, and in turn, deepens your connection with artists. From our curated collection across Amazon Prime Video Channels (AnIME), homepage website experience as well as mobile apps; we have created unique experiences by combining movies that give context behind meaningful moments throughout music alongside an immersive editorial written specifically for this channel from some of today's most talented writers who are passionate about it. The team behind this project is proud to announce that they've already made quite an impact in just months. The subscriber base has grown rapidly, films like What Drives Us were directed by Dave Grohl (you know him as the drummer for Nirvana), and there are over 500 pieces of press coverage about us!

The Role – remote Frontend Engineer

Get to work on a visually stunning user interface, contribute your skills in building thri.....

About You

You'll be part of an exciting team that is working on the next-generation SaaS platform. This project will require you to use modern technologies like ReactJS, Ruby On Rails, and Python with AI for natural language processing (NLP). As a remote senior software engineer/architect your job duties include designing systems as well as developing them in these languages or teams-related areas - this can range anywhere from frontend development down through back-ends architecture depending on what needs are needed within each specific application!

About us

PathFactory is a company dedicated to helping B2B marketers understand the role of content in their buyer’s journey and discover new data that can be used for optimization. Pathfactory extracts this information from its users, utilizing it as they go about optimizing different channels with relevant information at hand wherever you click or navigate online! PathFactory is a visionary company with custome.....


Are you looking for an exciting startup opportunity in an early-stage company? Then we have the perfect role. Are all your days spent behind a desk and not out exploring new things that might be happening around town or even beyond it too! If this sounds like something up your alley then read more to see just what we're working on at our awesome startup.

About Quest

Let's talk about how Quest is changing the way we work. We're not talking about making things easier, or improving efficiency - that would be too limiting! What if I told you it was going to revolutionize our entire development workflow? Quest creates software that automates tasks from frontend development - freeing up designers' time so they're able to create true versions of designs without compromising on quality or responsiveness. Forget about handoffs between these professions: Quest does it all behinds the scenes while you focus exclusively on your artistry instead of going back .....

About Pentalog

A global technology company is looking for Full Stack Developers to help them expand their team! The new positions will be with an excellent salary and benefits package. Empowered by your support, we are now working on multiple projects that have great potential in this industry's future - you can join us too if interested :) You will be a full-stack developer with .NET and Angular know-how. You'll build state-of-the-art creatives for thousands of clients, monitor them in real-time through client-side instrumentation - all while working at an advanced pace that challenges you to think outside traditional lines.

Remote Full Stack Developer Responsibilities:

You deploy code to produce user-facing dynamic contents in real-time, displayed to billions of internet users every day. You support new products by designing new components to enhance our creative offer (animations, images, videos...). You make sure a uniform level of quality across br.....

About Fidessa

Fidessa's mission-critical products serve the global financial community to provide exceptional trading, investment, and information solutions. With an unrivaled set of mission-critical services for buy-side institutions or sell-side banks Fidessas' product portfolio includes market data analysis with decision-making technology which provides their clients access to professional traders worldwide through its proprietary infrastructure Founded by two former Wall Street executives in 2003 after recognizing there was an industry need within the sophisticated yet underserved marketplace we call "investment management" to offer innovative technologies aimed at increasing efficiency and productivity while minimizing cost; today they continue these efforts as one embarking on this noble quest: bridging technological gaps so people Fidessa offers a one-stop-shop for equities trading. Whether you are looking to have your little stockbroker or just need an integrat.....
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