Data Mining and Visualization

Codetrails offers consulting services around projects related to the analysis of massive amounts of data to gain insight into your data. Contact us to explore how we can help you to develop tools to enhance your developer team productivity.

Integrating the Open Source Code Recommenders

As creators of the Eclipse Code Recommenders framework, and with several Code Recommenders project committers on the team, Codetrails is uniquely positioned to implement high quality integrations with Code Recommenders quickly and cost-effectively.

New Languages, New IDEs

The [ctrl]flow tools are designed to be customized for environments beyond Eclipse and Java. We would be pleased to work together to enable features such as intelligent code completion and extended documentation for your language and IDE.

Eclipse Software Development Services

We’ve not only mined usage data from the Eclipse project, but we have also coached and trained users on Eclipse application development. If you’re starting an Eclipse 3 or Eclipse 4 project, introducing a new framework or looking for additional development resources, we’d be pleased to work with you.