[ctrl]flow Server provides support for Eclipse p2 repositories for intelligent code recommendations

21 May 2013 - Codetrails announced a new release of their product for enhancing the Eclipse IDE with intelligent code recommendations. The latest version provides tooling to data-mine Eclipse p2 as well as Maven repositories, enabling intelligent code recommendations and extended documentation in the Eclipse IDE.

“The community has been very positive in supporting the Code Recommenders project,” said Marcel Bruch, CEO of Codetrails. “We hope that developers who have been following the progress of Code Recommenders on the open source side, will also be excited about a product they can use to mine their own repositories.”

The [ctrl]flow Server, Codetrails’ data-mining engine, simplifies code completion by providing the developer with a statistically ranked set of recommendations. These are based on the actual code usage in the target repository, thereby helping to prevent errors and ensuring that the code base remains consistent with the patterns of the original developers. In addition to intelligent code completions, the [ctrl]flow Server provides usage information as part of the target API’s documentation. This means that you can review statistical information about how other developers have extended the framework - without leaving your IDE.

The [ctrl]flow Server is currently in developer preview and is available for download at http://www.codetrails.com/ctrlflow/download.

About Codetrails

Codetrails is dedicated to tools for transferring software knowledge from developer to developer. Based on the open source Code Recommenders project, our [ctrl]flow technology can help you capture and transfer coding best practises and make them readily available for your development teams. Our mission is to develop a set of tools that will make it possible to capture and communicate patterns from any software repository. Codetrails (UG) is based in Darmstadt, Germany.