Codetrails announces Eclipse Membership and the release of intelligent code recommendation tooling

Darmstadt, September 24, 2013 -  Codetrails, the company behind the Eclipse Code Recommenders project, today announced their membership in the Eclipse Foundation and the 1.0 release of the [ctrl]flow Miner tool for creating intelligent code recommendations.

“We’re very proud to be able to contribute to Eclipse through the Code Recommenders project.” said Marcel Bruch, CEO and Founder of Codetrails. “For us, there was no question that with the release of a commercial product for extending Code Recommenders to our customers, we would also participate as members of the Foundation.”

“It’s been great to watch the popularity of Eclipse Code Recommenders grow in recent months,” commented Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation. “And, it’s gratifying for us to see young and dynamic companies such as Codetrails creating successful businesses as part of the Eclipse community.”

Codetrails’ tools enable Eclipse users to add intelligent code recommendations and other enhancements to their IDE, to share API knowledge and coding patterns with other developers. Through data mining and machine-learning technologies, the IDE is able to capture the choices thousands of developers have made and present recommendations informed by an analysis of these choices. [ctrl]flow Miner 1.0 allows you to mine inhouse or external repositories to create customized recommendations based on the knowledge of the API creators and users.

About Codetrails
Codetrails is a software innovation company focused on using data analysis and machine-learning to provide software development organizations with more intelligent software tools. Using the tools as a basis, the team provides software development and integration services designed to improve knowledge transfer among developers. Codetrails expertise can optimize your Eclipse software development projects in both legacy and the newest versions of the technology. Located in Darmstadt, Germany, the team contributes to the open source community through leadership and development on the Code Recommenders project. For more information visit