[ctrl]flow Miner | Overview

Get yourself up to speed faster on any framework

Get up to speed faster on an unfamiliar framework with code completion that shows you how others have used it. Learn the unique patterns of the framework with extended API usage documentation.

Transfer knowledge to your team and customers

Give your team and customers a look at how the experts, your developers, built and used the API in your framework. With intelligent code completion that shows the common patterns of how these APIs were used, new users learn quickly how the framework creators intended them to use it and make progress quickly and efficiently.

Find out how your APIs are being used

As an API provider, analyzing how customers use your framework allows your developers to make informed decisions about how best to support your users and customers. What APIs are they using? How are they being used? Gain insights into what should be in your maintenance plans to support the most popular use cases and/or to address current weaknesses in usability.

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How we do it

When developers write code they are expressing their knowledge of an API but it isn’t articulated in the usual ways in print or in conversation. The [ctrl]flow Miner essentially consumes sample code that uses a particular API and produces information about how to use that API. This information, in the form of models, is then transferred from the [ctrl]flow Miner directly into the developer’s IDE. It assists the developer with intelligent code-completion proposals, appropriate for the context, as well as extended documentation, automatically derived from the target code.

The [ctrl]flow Miner and Eclipse Code Recommenders

The models produced by the [ctrl]flow Miner are used by Eclipse Code Recommenders, a set of plugins for your Eclipse IDE. Started as a PhD project by Codetrails founder Marcel Bruch in 2007, Eclipse Code Recommenders has become a full-fledged Eclipse project and ships as of 2011 out-of-the-box with the pre-built packages for Java Developers.

Eclipse Code Recommenders (Version 1.0.4) uses a repository containing models for the core Eclipse APIs along with some other popular Open Source APIs. Using the [ctrl]flow Miner, you can use Eclipse Code Recommenders for any other APIs of your choice, in-house or public. By distilling information about these APIs into models, these models can then be used by the Code Recommenders plugins within your Eclipse IDE.