Codetrails Connect | Overview

Codetrails Connect is a platform for software development teams which allows experienced developers to share knowledge about how to use an API with their team - continuously and almost instantly. By installing Codetrails Connect, your IDE immediately starts learning how to correctly use an API by watching how developers interact with their IDE while writing code. This knowledge is then uploaded to the Codetrails Connect Server which distributes the new knowledge to other team members, boosting team performance. 

Codetrails Connect simplifies the knowledge transfer across development teams by applying the concepts of crowd-sourcing and machine learning to source code and human-machine-interactions. Essentially, it extract bits of information that help your teams to write better code with less bugs. It does so by improving fundamental IDE services like code completion, auxiliary API documentation and bug detection systems.

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Why IDEs need improving

The 'i' in IDE has always referred to the notion of integrating a plethora of development tools, editors, compilers and the like under the umbrella of a single application, your IDE. These tools aim to make a developer's life easier and development efforts less complex and therefore less error prone and more efficient. However, they fall short when developers have to learn how to use an API correctly. In this case every developer has to learn individually, common patterns and best practices for an API, or digs into an analysis of stacktraces and error messages in the trial and error methodology.

In today’s WWW-connected community of Java developers, one is of course, rarely the first person to learn a particular API. There are hundreds if not thousands of developers who have successfully used a particular API and who could guide you by providing you with code snippets, telling you which methods you are likely to call, or how to fix the cause of a particular error message. Today’s approaches to leverage this knowledge are portals like or project wiki pages. But again, these tools fall short as they are unable to present the information where and when it's needed - inside your IDE when writing code. Codetrails Connect bridges this gap between the modern web and your IDE by crowd-sourcing your essential IDE services like code completion and API documentation in a unprecedented way - an integration of not only the tools but knowledge itself.

Join the Community or download the Private Edition trial to learn for yourself how Codetrails Connect enables you and your developer community to effortlessly connect and exchange knowledge.

About Hippie Completion

Hippie completion is the first tool in the Codetrails Connect tool suite. It leverages the power of crowdsourcing and brings collective intelligence into your IDE. Here is how.

Whenever you trigger Eclipse’ classic Java code completion, it confronts you with a list of all declared methods and leaves it up to you to find out which proposal you need for the task at hand. Popular APIs, however, are huge and developers frequently have to choose from a list of hundreds of proposals ( javax.swing.JButton for instance, offers more than 400 public methods), making work with such complex APIs a time consuming (and costly) endeavor.

Codetrails Connect Hippie Completion tames this complexity with a simple yet powerful concept. Whenever you pick a method proposal from your IDE’s code completion, it is memorized and used to compute smarter proposals the next time you trigger code completion. This tiny bit of information (which proposals you selected in code completion) is enough for Hippie Completion to learn which proposals are important to you and which are not. It helps you to reduce the signal-to-noise ratio you face every day when working with large and complex APIs.

What makes Hippie Completion more powerful is that it uses the Codetrails Connect technology to not only learn what you have used, but, it improves code completion for you and the whole team by sharing information seamlessly. 

We think Codetrails Connect Hippie Completion is to software developers what Amazon is for Web 2.0 – an exceptional way of sharing knowledge with your connected community.