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Code Recommenders 2.1.2: Improved Proxy Support, Snippet Creation & Code Completion

We are pleased to announce the release of Code Recommenders 2.1.2 which comes with a number of improvements and features that will make Code Recommenders even better. We have made improvements to three general areas, which I would like to highlight in this post: improved proxy support, easier creation of snippets, and tweaks to the way code completion works.

Codetrails meets with Hessian Minister of Economics Tarek Al-Wazir

During a visit of Tarek Al-Wazir at Technische Universität Darmstadt (Darmstadt University of Technology), Codetrails had the opportunity to demonstrate to the Hessian Deputy Minister-President and Minister of Economics, Energy, Transportation and Regional Development why we think that “programming is predictable” and how this fact can boost a software-development team’s efficiency.

Codetrails Connect is One of the Best of 2014 in Innovationspreis-IT

Darmstadt, April 2, 2014 - Codetrails has been selected as a top entry in the Innovationspreis-IT - Best of 2014 (Innovation-Award-IT) by the Initiative Mittelstand (initiative for medium-sized businesses).

Out of 5.000 applicants, Codetrails’ entry “IDE 2.0 with Codetrails Connect” convinced the jury as one of the most innovative solutions with high practicability for medium sized-businesses.

How Developers Like You Use Code Completion

In the past month, since introducing our usage tracking plugin, we have collected more than 6.000 anonymous code completion events. Thank you, Codetrails community!

This data enables us to see just how developers like you use code completion, where it helps them, and where it still might fall a bit short. Using this information we hope to improve both Code Recommenders as well as Codetrails’ tools.

So let’s answer the question: How long does it take developers to select a proposal?

Use Subtype-Aware Completion and Help Shape the Future of Code Completion

Today we wish to give you an enhancement to Code Recommenders that improves code completion for constructor calls. Don’t you hate it when Eclipse only gives you an alphabetical list of all constructors it can find, not considering whether they belong to subtypes of the expected class? With the Completion Tweaks addition to Code Recommenders, subtypes of the expected type now receive a boost, pushing them to the top of the list.

Over the years, we have gotten a lot of great feedback for the Code Recommenders project. Even before its first release, this feedback has helped us a lot in adjusting Code Recommenders and later Codetrails Connect to the needs of the community. To further improve our tools and to measure the quality with which our software makes code recommendations we need even more feedback. Thus we go straight to the source of our greatest resource: You! 

We want to know how you use code completion so that we can bring code completion to the next level. Learn how you can shape the future of code completion and how to take advantage of subtype-aware completion after the jump.

There's a lot to see at EclipseCon Europe 2013

The Codetrails team is traveling to Ludwigsburg for EclipseCon Europe 2013, where we are looking forward to a lot of interesting sessions. Picking and choosing from this year’s great selection is quite hard but here is a short, non-complete list of sessions we plan to attend:


We are looking forward to a hands-on experience at the following tutorials:

The future of Eclipse

Join the discussion on how to shape the future of Eclipse.

Powered by 33 Million Code Completions: Codetrails Connect 1.2

We are very proud to announce the release of the Codetrails Connect 1.2, for which we leveraged the power of 33.765.212 code completions. Yes, that's over thirty-three million!

Where does this number come from? Using our own [ctrl]flow Miner, we analyzed a collection of over 30 GB worth of open source software. We then bootstrapped the Codetrails Community server with every single method call, constructor invocation, or overridden method found therein, effectively simulating the development of thousands of popular libraries. The number of simulated code completions obtained this way is truly mind-boggling:

  • 28.487.971 methods were called
  • 3.164.644 constructors were invoked
  • 2.112.597 methods were overridden

What this means is that you no longer have to wait for the community to code-complete enough to get sound statistical data; you can simply leverage the wealth of code already written by the community. And if more than thirty-three million code completions are not statistically sound, then we don’t know what is.

But there is more: Have a look at all the great new features of Codetrails Connect 1.2 after the jump!

[ctrl]flow Miner 1.0 released!

We couldn't be more excited about announcing the release of version 1.0 of [ctrl]flow Miner. After an extensive period of public beta testing and incorporating a ton of user feedback we are proud to bring you the definitive tool to bring intelligent code completion and extended documentation to Eclipse.

Imagine having the power and convenience of Code Recommender's features available for all the APIs you use. If you are new to an API, you can get started using it much more quickly. If you are already familiar with a particular API, the [ctrl]flow Miner gives you a productivity boost by decreasing the time you spend in code completion.

Check out our video introduction after the jump!

Almost there - [ctrlflow] Miner 0.9 released

We are very pleased to announce the release of version 0.9 of the [ctrl]flow Miner, the tool to bring intelligent code completion and extended documentation to Eclipse. Now version 1.0 is just around the corner.

This release enhances the user experience by providing much cleaner and consistent console output while shortening many command names to more intuitive ones. Have a look at the release notes to see the full list of changes. Or have a look a look at our updated tutorial which gets you started with the [ctrl]flow Miner in no-time.

With our first major version release of the [ctrl]flow Miner on the way, we hope to hear your thoughts and suggestions on what to include in this version 1.0. Our community forums are always open, or simply send us an e-mail.

Download [ctrl]flow Miner Tutorial