Introducing Crowd-Sourced Code Recommendations at Eclipse DemoCamps 2013

The Eclipse Kepler release is getting closer. Let’s celebrate this event together at one of the many Eclipse DemoCamps this summer. And what better way to celebrate than demo-ing our latest tools that take code completion into a new direction: down the rabbit hole – and into the cloud.

Mining your own models for intelligent code completion in Eclipse

Once you’re convinced by the [ctrl]flow demo JavaFX tutorial, you can go ahead and enable intelligent code completion and extended documentation for your favorite frameworks. In this article I am going to walk you through the mining workflow for generating models for your local Eclipse installation using our newly released version 0.7 of the [ctrl]flow Server. The basic workflow will include converting Eclipse’s p2 repository to a Maven repository, analyzing code artifacts, mining the models and finally registering the models in the Eclipse IDE.

Contributing to WALA to improve static analysis in the [ctrl]flow Server

WALA, the T. J. Watson Libraries for Analysis, is a powerful open source framework that drives the [ctrl]flow Server’s static analysis process for extracting usage information from your code (essentially the analyze command). Over the past few weeks, we have made several contributions to the framework that we hope will be useful not only for Codetrails but for other WALA users as well.

Join us for the Google Summer of Code

In the open source community, it is a beloved summer activity: the Google Summer of Code. Each summer, hundreds of students receive generous stipendiums from Google for working with selected open source projects. By the end of the summer, these projects have not only received valuable code contributions, but also often new committers – who are priceless.

Join the [ctrl]flow Developer Preview

[ctrl]flow Server, the extended recommendation and documentation tool, is now available for evaluation in a developer preview. Download the software and follow the tutorial to get started on mining your own Java repositories for usage patterns. The tutorial shows you how to mine the JavaFX API and install intelligent code recommendations and extended documentation in your Eclipse IDE.