Code Recommenders 2.1.2: Improved Proxy Support, Snippet Creation & Code Completion

We are pleased to announce the release of Code Recommenders 2.1.2 which comes with a number of improvements and features that will make Code Recommenders even better. We have made improvements to three general areas, which I would like to highlight in this post: improved proxy support, easier creation of snippets, and tweaks to the way code completion works.

Codetrails meets with Hessian Minister of Economics Tarek Al-Wazir

During a visit of Tarek Al-Wazir at Technische Universität Darmstadt (Darmstadt University of Technology), Codetrails had the opportunity to demonstrate to the Hessian Deputy Minister-President and Minister of Economics, Energy, Transportation and Regional Development why we think that “programming is predictable” and how this fact can boost a software-development team’s efficiency.

Code Recommenders 2.1: Code Snippets for Eclipse Luna

Today, on 25 June 2014, the yearly Eclipse “release train” arrived at a download mirror near you – again right on time. This year’s Eclipse release, codename Luna, contains notable features like Java 8 support, the long-awaited dark theme, and Code Recommenders 2.1.

What’s New?

The big new feature in Code Recommenders 2.1 is Snipmatch (which Ian Bull nominated as his personal Top 4 feature of Eclipse Luna). But what’s Snipmatch, you ask? Snipmatch is an entirely new way to search for and insert code snippets provided to you by the community. Moreover, Snipmatch makes it easy for you to contribute back to the Eclipse community. Want to find out more? There’s already a two part blog post about searching (part 1) and sharing (part 2) code snippets with Snipmatch as well as a complete guide to snippet editing in the Code Recommenders manual. But long story short: Snipmatch offers you helpful code snippets at your fingertips – all it takes is Ctrl+Alt+Space.

Previously an incubator project of Eclipse Code Recommenders, Snipmatch has seen a flurry of activity in the past few months, with dozens of bugs fixed and several big enhancement made. Snipmatch now features a form-based snippet editor and a EGit-based workflow to snippet sharing, Gerrit code review included. 

And the Code Recommenders community has certainly been busy contributing new snippets to Snipmatch. About a month ago Snipmatch offered 75 snippets, modeled after Eclipse’s own templates. Less than a month later, it now stands at 107 snippets. That’s 32 new snippets, ready to use and easy to insert, contributed before Snipmatch is even released. Imagine how fast Snipmatch can grow with a much larger community! A big thank you goes to Miltos Allamanis, Johannes Dorn, and Olav Lenz for their contributions to both the Snipmatch plugin and its snippets.

If you are interested in the full details, please have a look at the quite comprehensive release review documentation for Code Recommenders 2.1. Or read on to see what’s ahead for Snipmatch in the coming months.

Code Recommenders 2.1 Early Access: What’s New? (part 2)

Last week, we have shown you how Snipmatch, Eclipse Code Recommenders’ all new code-snippet search engine, can help you find the right code snippet to solve your particular coding problem. You just hit Alt + Space and can immediately search a repository full of code snippets. But where do these snippets come from? That’s what we will show you this week.

In a nutshell, Snipmatch retrieves its snippets from a shared repository that is maintained by the community – and that includes you. In particular, you can create new snippets and share them with the whole Eclipse community.

Codetrails Connect is One of the Best of 2014 in Innovationspreis-IT

Darmstadt, April 2, 2014 - Codetrails has been selected as a top entry in the Innovationspreis-IT - Best of 2014 (Innovation-Award-IT) by the Initiative Mittelstand (initiative for medium-sized businesses).

Out of 5.000 applicants, Codetrails’ entry “IDE 2.0 with Codetrails Connect” convinced the jury as one of the most innovative solutions with high practicability for medium sized-businesses.

Crowdsourcing Vaadin With Codetrails Connect

We have published a guest article at the Vaadin blog. Head over there to learn more about how Codetrails Connect can be used with Vaadin or any other framework. After announcing Vaadin support for Code Recommenders and Snipmatch last year, this is our second collaboration with our good friends at Vaadin.

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Mylyn + Code Recommenders = Task + Context–aware Intelligent Code Completion

As a frequent reader of this blog, you already know that Code Recommenders is all about helping developers to use existing APIs correctly. It does so by analyzing thousands of sample applications and extracts patterns how other developers used that API before and enhances your code completion with neat percentage values that give you pointers which methods you are likely to use next.

You probably also know that Mylyn Tasks is about clean UIs. To keep your UI clean, Mylyn for example removes elements from the package explorer which are irrelevant for the current task you are working on and thus removes the clutter that may distract you from your goal. It also boosts code completion proposals to the top that are more interesting than others. All purely based on the knowledge which methods or types developers (who worked on that very same task before) used or looked at.

Support EasyEclipse and become a sponsor for Open-Source development

You may have noticed that Pascal Rapicault started a Kickstarter project called EasyEclipse recently. It aims to improve the Eclipse Java IDE in various ways and tries to find its niche between complete open-source and a closed-source licensing model by offering a commercial license for some features only available in EasyEclipse and giving back to the open-source version of Eclipse making Eclipse a better IDE over the time.