Powered by 33 Million Code Completions: Codetrails Connect 1.2

We are very proud to announce the release of the Codetrails Connect 1.2, for which we leveraged the power of 33.765.212 code completions. Yes, that's over thirty-three million!

Where does this number come from? Using our own [ctrl]flow Miner, we analyzed a collection of over 30 GB worth of open source software. We then bootstrapped the Codetrails Community server with every single method call, constructor invocation, or overridden method found therein, effectively simulating the development of thousands of popular libraries. The number of simulated code completions obtained this way is truly mind-boggling:

  • 28.487.971 methods were called
  • 3.164.644 constructors were invoked
  • 2.112.597 methods were overridden

What this means is that you no longer have to wait for the community to code-complete enough to get sound statistical data; you can simply leverage the wealth of code already written by the community. And if more than thirty-three million code completions are not statistically sound, then we don’t know what is.

But there is more: Have a look at all the great new features of Codetrails Connect 1.2 after the jump!

Integrated into Code Recommenders

Version 1.2 of Connect benefits from various improvements in the new Code Recommender 2.0. For the first timer ever, it is possible to use Codetrails Connect and Code Recommenders simultaneously; you no longer need to choose between the advantages of crowd-based, continuous sharing of developer actions and large-scale data-mining of your code repository.

Codetrails Connect is fully integrated with Code Recommenders 2.0, providing you with feedback from your fellow developers as well as from Code Recommenders’ data-mined models. Connect proposals now also feature a star icon decoration so you can easily spot what’s important to you.

Call completion showing Connect and Code Recommenders models.
Also featured: Star decorations.

Thanks to the integration with Code Recommenders, you can now also select which Hippie completion types you want to use. Do you only want to use Connect’s overrides completion and solely rely on the Code Recommenders intelligent Call completion? No problem!

Code Recommenders > Completions preference page

Adjust active completions in Preferences > Code Recommenders > Completions.

More data, less bandwidth

Thanks to our bootstrapping process, we have a lot of data to share with the community. Prior to Connect 1.2, its call-completion model had a file size of 3.7 MB. Compare this to the swooping 94.6 MB of call-completion data available in Connect 1.2 and you might worry about download sizes.

Fear not! Codetrails Connect 1.2 uses a feature introduced by Code Recommenders 2.0 to identify precisely the libraries you are working with. It will then download only the data that’s important to you, thus actually saving bandwidth.

We hope you have as much fun with Connect as we had making it, so please download it today!

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